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New Jersey Restaurant No Kids Allowed Unless Over 5

Clearing a polarizing rule. New Jersey restaurant says no kids allowed unless they are over 5 years old. Clearly this has stirred quite the debate. Some people saying this is a wonderful idea, there are many places that have no kids policies, and there are others saying it's too extreme. I think it definitely depends on what type of restaurant it is. I have a lot of friends who have kids and they all want (and deserve) a break sometimes. And as someone who doesn't have kids, it's nice to be able to go places without kids crying, yelling, etc. When you think about it though, there are resorts that are no kids, areas in gyms, pools, etc. So it's no uncommon, we just don't see many restaurants with this policy. GLENVIEW, IL - OCTOBER 4: A server delivers food to customers at a Corner Bakery Cafe Reason Restaurant No Kids Allowed They want adults to be able to enjoy a stress free experience. "It's for people to come out for like a date night, for them to just enjoy, leave the kids at home for one night and really just enjoy like a luxury food dining experience," said the restaurant's owner. Restaurant No Kids Allowed For Another Reason Another reason owners say they made the decision is because of the menu. They say their highly-trained chefs do not cater to kids' taste buds. Andaaz is an Indian Fusion restaurant just outside of Princeton, New Jersey. It made headlines that they are testing the waters when it comes to restricting children under the age of 5 from coming in to eat. The restaurant, along Route 27 in Franklin Park, Somerset County, is an Indian fusion restaurant with a high-end feel. It opened back in April and originally had an age restriction for children under the age of 10.

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