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Ranking all 17 Games on the Eagles Schedule in 2024

Happy holiday! The NFL schedule has been released. We have known for a while now who the Eagles would be playing in the 2024 season, but now we know the dates and times. We now can determine which spots are good, which spots are bad, and of course the dreaded trap games. Whether you are like my partner John Kincade and think that doing wins and losses is “lazy radio”, there isn’t a single sports fan who doesn’t do it on their own time.   After you make your prediction, you will text your friends and family to make sure it is on the record. You will call your favorite radio show and utter the words “you heard it hear first.” We will also find out some important answers: Who will be the member of the Fanatic who has the Eagles winning 14 games? Who will be the first caller who predicts a perfect season including a Super Bowl win? Who will be the “Negadelphian” who has the Eagles finishing below 500?   (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images) What The Eagles Schedule Release Means For Us The schedule release isn’t just about determining the record of your favorite team, it is also a chance to start planning road trips, tailgates, or the big family get-together. Will that family get-together be for a divisional rival? Or will it be for some of the nationally anticipated games between two potential Super Bowl opponents? Either way, the schedule release gives us a ton to be excited about.  This bit of content is not about wins and losses, this is about my own personal likes and dislikes of the Eagles schedule. I will tell you about the games I am most excited for, and the games I am least excited about.   Some games will be rated highly on my list for the quarterback battle, whereas some games may be low on the list because of the opponent or the field of play... Let me know what you think!  Here Are The Best And Worst Games On The Eagles Schedule:

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