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2 Pennsylvania Restaurants Are Very Difficult To Get Into

Whether it's via an app, directly through the restaurant's website, or the old-fashioned way of picking up the phone, having a reservation seems to be an essential part of eating at your favorite restaurant these days. TimeOut recently detailed the establishments across the country that have been the hardest to get into so far this year, and two restaurants in Pennsylvania made the list. Stressing the demand for some of these high-end city spots, TimeOut says, "Some of the toughest reservations in America are just simply impossible to get—unless you’ve been headlining at Madison Square Garden." Furthermore, many of them won't take walk-ins or stand-by guests, they have become that exclusive. In context, although this may be frustrating for dine-out enthusiasts if you think back to what we were seeing in the restaurant industry during the not-so-long-ago pandemic times, this is good news. People want to be out. In fact, the pandemic inspired many new restaurants and entrepreneurs as people discovered some unique cooking skills they never knew they had. Furthermore, gathering around a table with friends and family and having a nice hour where you sip a drink, share an appetizer, and then devour a plate of exquisite cuisine is invaluable. So, mixed among the fine-dining fancy spots in other major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are two restaurants in our area that are less than 40 miles from each other. Here Are The Two Restaurants In Pennsylvania That Are Hardest To Get Into Ranking 10th was Zahav in Philadelphia located at 237 St James Pl. Like many of the establishments on this list, Zahav is a dinner specific place that opens at 5PM on Tuesday through Saturday. This is prix fixe menu at $85 per person with the option to add a $45 drink pairing. Their menu varies somewhat depending on the season. You can see the current June offering here, which includes items like pomegranate lamb shoulder, eggplant, and tuna tartare. Typically, reservations need to be made two months in advance. You can do so right through their website, where they also explain the booking process. If you head about an hour west, you will reach the 7th hardest restaurant to get into, according to TimeOut. This is Talula's Table, located at 102 W State St, Kennett Square. This farm-to-table spot is described as "a café and market by day, the shop transforms into a private dining room at night with a table that books up a year out." In fact, you need to book your dining experience one year in advance. This summer they are cooking up specialties like yellowfin tuna, Turkish lamb, and sweet corn pudding. Although they can provide wine pairing suggestions Talula's Table is a a BYOB establishment. They have a very specific reservation process that you can read in detail on their website here. It all begins with a phone call upon opening at 7AM.

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