Philadelphia Ranks As One Of The Best Cities For Book Lovers

What makes a great environment for reading? Regardless of your answer, Philadelphia book lovers seem to be in a great place. Recently, Lawn Lovers detailed the best cities for book enthusiasts and ranked in the top 10. Comparing 500 of the biggest cities in America, Lawn Lovers "looked at access to bookstores, libraries, and book clubs, among 16 total metrics." From there, a score was assigned, enabling an official ranking to be compiled. The four categories studied to qualify a city as good or bad for book lovers were books for sale, book rental, special access, and community. In Philadelphia and the surrounding areas, we are lucky, given many of the parks and common areas are inviting for a quiet place to sit down and get lost in a book. You have also have to consider that the city welcomes a lot of commuters from suburban areas. Reading a good book on the train ride into or out of the city is a popular way to pass the time. Of course, these days, people have a wide range of ways to access a book. Though the argument can be made that nothing tops the tradition of having the novel in your hands and first cracking it open, reading via a tablet or smartphone allows for more opportunities for convenient reading. Philadelphia Ranked As The 6th Best City For Book Lovers Only New York City ranked higher in the northeast region. Coming in behind Seattle, Philadelphia scored very high in special access, book rental, and the books for sale category. In fact, all three were in the top 10. Philaelphia has been home to several writers: Edgar Allan Poe lived in Philadelphia, from 1838 to 1844. And there are also present day authors with Philadelphia roots. Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook, and New York Times bestselling author, Jennifer Weiner, for example. Book lovers in Philadelphia can find themselves in a very welcoming environment. For example, cafe's like Uncle Bobbies Coffee and Books are great places to openly write and read. In addition, this past summer, Visit Philadelphia even put together an extensive guide to local bookstores. "The heart of literary Philly lies in its legacy of — and love for — independent bookstores," they said. They also detail unique book stores in the greater area where customers can come across some of the coolest setups in the country. This includes Baldwin's Book Barn which "has been offering used, rare and fine books (along with manuscripts, maps, paintings, prints and more)." [select-listicle listicle_id="744155" syndication_name="notable-titles-streaming-in-april" description="yes"]

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