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ATLANTA, GA - MAY 26: Kenny Chesney performs in concert during "Trip Around The Sun" tour at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on May 26, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Kenny Chesney Setlist at Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field

Kenny Chesney is back at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philly on Saturday, June 8th. It’s a summer party like no other! The “Sun Goes Down” Tour kicked off in Tampa, Florida in April. The “Get Along” singer will be traveling through 18 cities across the country until he makes his final stop in Massachusetts. Philly’s No Shoes Nation has been waiting for his return for 2 years when he brought along friends like Dan + Shay and Old Dominion.

Kenny’s Special Guests

This summer Chesney is bringing along some old friends as well as new ones for this 2024 tour. The legendary Zac Brown Band and new artist, Megan Moroney will be opening for the country star. Also joining the tour is Uncle Kracker, Kenny’s original duet partner for “When The Sun Goes Down.”

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Philly’s No Shoes Nation

We’re gearing up for tailgate season in the Delaware Valley and one of the wildest ones of the summer is the Kenny Chesney tailgate. It’s an all-day affair. You can find the Philly country fans grilling, playing corn hole, and swimming. Yes, swimming. Some tailgaters have unloaded pounds of sand to surround their blowup pool!

Kenny’s Injury

If you were at The Linc the last time Kenny made his way through Philadelphia, then you remember this iconic moment. 92.5 XTU’s Nicole Michalik recounted the event. “Kenny presumably cut his finger on his guitar string and was gushing blood.  He had blood on his jeans, all down his hand and kept singing.  It got so bad, a stage hand had to come out in the middle of the stage to wrap his finger.” She continued, “The entire time this was happening, KENNY DID NOT STOP SINGING!  It was INCREDIBLE!”

Watch the moment below.

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Kenny Chesney Setlist

We can’t wait for Kenny Chesney to return. Here’s a look at his setlist for the “Sun Goes Down” Tour.

  • "Living In Fast Forward"

    “‘Cause I’ve been livin’ in fast forwardHillbilly rock star out of controlI’ve been livin’ in fast-forwardNow I need to rewind real slow”

  • "Beer in Mexico"

    “So I’ll just sit right here and have another beer in MexicoDo my best to waste another daySit right here and have another beer in MexicoLet the warm air melt these blues away”

  • "Keg In The Closet"

    “We had a keg in the closet, pizza on the floorLeft over from the night beforeWhere we were going we didn’t really careWe had all we ever wantedIn that keg in the closet”

  • "Here and Now"

    “Here and nowNowhere else in this world tonightYou and me, ain’t it good to be aliveAin’t no better place, ain’t no better time thanHere and now”

  • "Reality"

    “Reality, yeah, sometimes lifeAin’t all that it’s cracked up to beSo let’s take a chance and live this fantasy‘Cause everybody needs to break free from reality, oh yeah”

  • "Til It's Gone"

    “Gonna take a deep breath and hold it inTwirl you around ’til my head spinsKiss that lipstick and wear it thin ’til it’s gone, ’til it’s gone”

  • "Summertime"

    “Perfect song on the radioSing along ’cause it’s one we knowIt’s a smile, it’s a kissIt’s a sip of wine, it’s summertimeSweet summertime”

  • "Save It For A Rainy Day"

    “Cause the sun’s too bright, the sky’s too blue
    Beer’s too cold to be thinking bout you
    Gonna take this heartbreak and tuck it away
    Save it for a rainy day”

  • "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems"

    “No shoes, no shirt and no problems
    Blues, what blues? Hey, I forgot ’em
    The sun and the sand and a drink in my hand with no bottom
    And no shoes, no shirt and no problems
    No problems”

  • "Somewhere With You"

    “You said pick me up at 3 a.m.You’re fighting with your mom againAnd I’d go, I’d go, I’d goSomewhere with you, yeah”

  • "I Go Back"


    “An’ I go back to the feel of a 50-yard lineA blanket, a girl, some raspberry wineWishin’ time would stop right in its tracks
    Every time I hear that songI’ll go back, I’ll go back”
  • "Get Along"

    “Get along, on down the roadWe’ve got a long, long way to goScared to live, scared to dieWe ain’t perfect but we try”

  • "Never Wanted Nothing More"

    “Her little ring is a little thing, but it’s all that I could affordNow she’s mine, all mine, ’til the day I dieI never wanted nothin’ moreNo, I never wanted nothin’ more”

  • "Take Her Home"

    “Take her home, fall in love
    Thank the good Lord up above
    That He sent one down into your arms
    And put a chain around your raised-hell heart”

  • "When The Sun Goes Down" with Uncle Kracker

    ” Cause when the sun goes down we’ll be groovin’When the sun goes down we’ll feel alrightWhen the sun sinks down over the waterEverything gets hotter when the sun goes down, yeah”

  • "Drift Away" with Uncle Kracker

    “Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soulI wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift awayYeah, give me the beat boys and free my soulI wanna get lost in your rock and roll and drift away”

  • "All The Pretty Girls"

    “I’m home for the summer, shoot out the lightsDon’t blow my cover, oh I’m free tonightI’m coming over, call all your friends“Somebody hold me”, all the pretty girls saidAll of the whiskey went to my head“Shut up and kiss me”, all the pretty girls said”

  • "Young"

    “We were wannabe rebels that didn’t have a clueIn our rock ‘n roll tee shirts an’ our typically bad attitudesHad no excuses for the things that we’d doneWe were brave, we were crazy, we were mostlyYoung”

  • "The Good Stuff"

    “An’ it’s the way that she looks with the rice in her hairEatin’ burnt suppers the whole first yearAn’ askin’ for seconds to keep her from tearin’ upYeah, man, that’s the good stuff”

  • "American Kids"

    “We were teenage dreamin’, front seat leanin’Baby, come give me a kissPut me on the cover of the Rollin’ StoneUptown down home American kids”

  • "Setting the World on Fire"

  • "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

    “Everything’s gonna be alright
    Everything’s gonna be alright
    And nobody’s gotta worry ’bout nothing
    Don’t go hittin’ that panic button
    It ain’t worth spilling your drink
    Everything’s gonna be alright
    Alright, alright”

  • "The Boys of Fall"

    “It’s slinging mud and dirt and grassIt’s I got your number, I got your back when your back’s against the wallYou mess with one man you got us allThe boys of fall”

  • "Don't Happen Twice"

    “At three a.m. I fell in loveFor the first time in my lifeAnd that’s somethin’That just don’t happen twice”

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