NFL Player’s Flat Tire Leads to Touching Act of Kindness from Fans

NFL Player's Flat Tire Leads to Touching Act of Kindness from Fans Sometimes we run into roadblocks that make us late. Not always literal road blocks. Maybe you forgot your wallet and had to go back home, or maybe your dog gets out of the house and it takes you 15 minutes to wrangle him back. When I have those moments, I try to think, "something his holding me back for a reason." And oftentimes, I'll pass a fender-bender down the road that I might have been involved in had I left on time. But sometimes those moments have a different outcome. Sometimes, when you run into a roadblock along your journey, your hardship brings out the best in someone else. Such is the case for Jesse Luketa, and so goes the story of the NFL player's flat tire that led to a touching act of kindness from fans. Jesse Luketa Luketa is a Penn State grad and linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals. On his way to the game last weekend, Luketa got a flat tire and didn't have a spare. So, there he is, stuck at a gas station with no way to get to the stadium on time, until he noticed a man wearing a Cardinals jersey. J. W. Phillips was on his way to State Farm Stadium with his wife and three kids. Of course, they were geared up for the game ... and of course they would give Luketa a ride. (see a photo of Luketa with the kiddos here)   What was that ride like? During the 45-minute drive to the stadium, Luketa talked to the family about Thanksgiving, his family and growing up in Ottawa, and the kids grilled him about fantasy football. Luckily, they managed to get to the stadium with just minutes to spare. How'd they park?! Now, if you have ever been to an NFL stadium on game day, you know parking is not exactly a breeze. Luckily, the Phillips stadium had an in. Luketa had the forethought to grab his parking pass from his own car before getting in with the Phillips family. Later on social media, Luketa noted that “good people still exist.” He plans to further show his appreciation by getting he family tickets for a future game. [select-listicle listicle_id="259685" syndication_name="travis-kelce-reveals-9-adorable-facts-about-relationship-with-taylor-swift-in-new-interview" description="yes"]