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What an amazing weekend for a baby shower. Jeff and Emily Kurkjian’s baby, soon-to-be girl McKinley, was showered with all the love in the world.

Mexican Riviera Cruise

We announced our pregnancy back in February of this year. Our very first baby is on the way, due August the 4th of 2023.

The Announcement Was A BIG Surprise!

Here was when Emily told me that we were expecting. Big shoutout to Jordan Davis for this amazing song, by the way.



When my wife told me we were going to HAVE A BABY! We call this the “Quesadilla Video” #Baby #pregnant

♬ Next Thing You Know - Jordan Davis

And then of course, we had to tell The Andie Summers Show with the “Secret Box” that was delivered to the studio. I truly believe that Andie, Donnie and Shannon had absolutely NO CLUE what is in the box, their reactions were pretty amazing.

See the video here!

The Baby Shower Was Amazing!

Emily was born and raised in Las Vegas, so we flew back there to spend time with our friends and family there. Her mom, Sheri, threw us an absolutely ADORABLE baby shower complete with diaper cakes, games and homemade desserts. It was so beautiful (and delicious).

Take a look at these adorable photos!