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They’ve done it, Jeff and Emily Kurkjian adopted a new puppy! As if we thought that having an eight month old baby wasn’t too much, we decided to throw this up on top of it. Cause, why not? Might as well let them grow up together.

New Puppy For The Kurkjians

If you remember, we adopted an eight year old dog, Pirate, back in 2019. Absolutely fell in love with him. I mean, who wouldn’t? However, we knew the inevitable when it comes to adopting an older dog. We said goodbye to Pirate in November of 2023.

I was hosting an adoption event for our listeners at the radio station I worked for in Las Vegas. That’s when I met this sweet boy, Pirate. After encouraging people to come adopt him, I just knew he had to be mine.

I wrote all about his life and what a great doggo he was, you can read all of that here.

Jeff and Pirate Say Goodbye
[Jeff Kurkjian] via BMG Philadelphia
It is never easy to say goodbye to sweet boy. Love you always Pirate.

National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day

Amazingly today, April 30th, 2024, also happens to be National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day. And in celebration of that, we adopted a shelter pet. #AdoptAShelterPet is trending on social media right now. I posted about our new boy!

Here he is. Our new puppy Ranger just makes us so happy!

Wanted to give a big shoutout and thank you to Home At Last Dog Rescue, you were amazing in this entire process.

“We are a group of dog-loving volunteers whose goal is to save the lives of homeless dogs suffering in high-kill shelters and puppy mills, as well as dogs in other unfortunate circumstances.”

Home At Last Dog Rescue

The hope is that days like today will raise awareness for dogs that are waiting (and needing) to be adopted. It helps clear out the shelters for the inevitable refilling of them during the summer months.

I once had a friend of mine, who volunteered at an Ohio based animal shelter, that the weeks following the Fourth of July are their busiest because of the amount of animals that are scared of fireworks that either end up running away or being displaced.

The Big New Puppy Announcement

My dad, ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, and I started a podcast called “Is This A Great Game, Or What?” all about a father-son duo talking baseball. It’s new every single Tuesday wherever you get your podcasts. Skip ahead to the 7:40 mark to hear all about Ranger, our new pup!

Seamhead's Heaven, Mason Miller's Heater, Wyatt Langford's Homer

TV series creator, writer, and producer Mike Schur leads a hilarious discussion about seamheads, being one himself. We also talk inside-the-park homers, Mason Miller and the All-Singer Team.

We are also on YouTube, you can see my dad’s reaction talking about the addition to our family. He’s also a very big dog lover so it doesn’t surprise me that his reaction was this great.

What Kind Of New Puppy?

These three puppies were taken out a really rough situation, a puppy mill. They are Bernedoodles, which is a mix between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. We aren’t sure at this point if he will be a Mini Bernedoodle or a full size Bernedoodle, I guess we will find out!

Why The Name Ranger?

Emily’s favorite Phillies player is without a doubt Ranger Suarez. He has had a very hot start to the 2024 season as well. And, as my dad pointed out, the two dogs we have had are both named after baseball teams. First we had Pirate (Pittsburgh Pirates), and now we have Ranger (Texas Rangers).

We are a baseball family. Let’s meet our sweet boy, Ranger!

New Puppy love at first site.
Are we surprised that we fell in love this quickly? He was part of a litter of three, two girls, one boy. We picked the boy (the biggest one). Honestly, so I can even the score at home. Two boys, two girls now!

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