The Andie Summers Show

Weekdays 5:30AM-10AM

Donnie Black is the Producer of The Andie Summers Show and is the cutest member of the show. (Donnie wrote that about himself.)
He has been in radio for 14 years but his love for radio started way back when he was 8 years old when he would record his own radio shows on his cassette player in his bedroom.
When he is not at work, he is listening to 90s boy bands, watching the same movies over and over, or playing some kind of trivia under his trivia alter ego “Trivia Newton John.”
He currently lives with his wife Michelle in New Jersey.
Check out 10 things to know about Donnie below:

  • 1. I proposed to my wife Michelle on stage at a station concert headlined by Cheap Trick & Foreigner


  • 2. I know all the states and capitals by heart

  • 3. I used to record my own radio shows in my room with a cassette player when I was 8

    Young Donnie

  • 4. I have a major Adidas sneaker addiction. My buddy DJ and I compete over who has the best Adidas shoes


  • 5. My family is a big soccer family. I started when I was 3, my bro started at 3.  We both have our coaching, referee, and training licenses.  My bro still coaches multiple age groups to this day


  • 6. I am named after my grandfather Donald Phillip who was the coolest guy in the history of mankind


  • 7. Leonardo DiCaprio is the best actor of all time and by far my favorite actor

  • 8. When I’m not working, I am listening to all types of music, watching Philly sports or hanging out with my buddies at our local watering hole


  • 9. I tend to take a lot of baths. I find the bathtub to be very relaxing

  • 10. I grew up on 80’s music, hip hop, R&B, boy bands, and techno music and I learned how to dance by watching Usher music videos