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“I’m Irritated That My Friend Still Hasn’t Paid Me Back”

Three Calls End It All: "I'm Irritated That My Friend Still Hasn't Paid Me Back Yet" XTU Nation, we need your help in settling a debate... Every Monday on The Andie Summers Show, a member of XTU Nation shares their life's dilemma through a heartfelt note, seeking guidance from the wisdom of the community. Whether it's navigating tricky wedding planning decisions, mending a broken friendship, or seeking clarity on a complex family dynamic, no topic is off-limits. But there's a twist! Only three lucky callers get to voice their opinions, and their combined perspectives will determine the final verdict. Our opinions do not matter! So, tune in every Monday at 7 am on 92.5 XTU, share your similar experiences, and see if your voice becomes part of the solution! Will you be the one to offer the golden advice? Send Us Your Dilemma We want to hear your stories XTU Nation. Send us a private message and submit your dilemma to The Andie Summers Show  Facebook Page. Vanessa writes to us on Facebook: Last year, my BFF got into a bind and I just couldn’t stand to see her so troubled when I could help her, so I lent her some money. I know she’ll pay me back eventually, but I also see that she’s not very good with her money and buys stuff that isn’t necessary. For example, she just bought her nine-year-old daughter a $60 Stanley cup. I make good money and I wouldn’t spend that much on a stupid cup when I can buy something similar for $10. Plus, her ex makes enough to buy stuff like that for their kids. I’m holding my tongue now about her spending, but feel like I should say something to her. Not only because I’m irritated she hasn’t paid me back, but because she needs to learn to be smarter with her money. Should I speak up or just let it go? Listen to the final verdict from XTU Nation:  

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