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You absolutely need to see this video to believe it!! It was a very dramatic incident in Southern California but thankfully, a good samaritan, you might even call them an angel, stopped a terrible moment from happening. It had to be our Cup o’ Joy story!

How Did This Happen??

Earlier this week, a terrifying scene unfolded along a busy road in Southern California. A 60-year-old woman in Hesperia, northeast of Los Angeles, had just put her great-grandnephew in his stroller. She turned to grab something out of her car when a gust of wind pushed the stroller down a slight incline heading straight for a nearby road with traffic speeding by at 40 miles per hour. Fortunately, just before the baby rolled out into traffic, a good Samaritan swooped in and stopped the stroller

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Video (you can see below) of the harrowing moment shows the woman realizing that the stroller is rolling away toward traffic. She pivots to run after it, but immediately trips, falling hard to the ground. She tries to get back up, but falls again as the stroller gets dangerously close to the road. Then at the last moment, Ron Nessman saves the day. Running from out of the video’s frame and stopping the stroller just before it rolls into the busy road.

What Did This Good Samaritan Have To Say?

The former truck driver is grateful that he happened to be there at that exact moment and empathizes with the great-grandaunt, saying, “I got nephews and nieces and I couldn’t imagine something like that.” He told CBS.

Nessman, who recently became homeless after a tragic loss, had just completed a job interview before his heroic act. “I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did nothing,” he says. He hopes the incident will serve as a teachable moment, reminding people to always double-check that stroller wheels are locked.


Nessman was hired as a dishwasher at the Victorville Applebee’s restaurant. The restaurant’s general manager Emily Canady confirms that the hiring decision was not influenced by the video, saying, “He’s a great guy and he was a great candidate.” As stated in this interview.

Nessman, who has struggled with depression, is thankful for the chance: “I’ll earn everything I get so with that in mind, you know, I appreciate the opportunity that Applebee’s has given me.”

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