92.5 XTU Anniversary Show 2024

92.5 XTU Anniversary Show 2024

92.5 XTU Anniversary Show 2024

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Talk about a gift that could literally blow your mind … as will this story… Hardy gave Lainey Wilson a gun. I’m going to tell you why, but let’s start from the beginning.

There’s no denying the Hardy / Lainey Wilson song “wait in the truck” is one for the record books. The two have a chemistry in the story-song that insists you hang on every word of it’s murderous story. And it’s getting noticed. “wait in the truck” has won several awards since its release in August of 2022.

The song appears on Hardy’s album and “features” Lainey Wilson, who adds the touch it needs to put it over the top. So, how do you thank another artist for helping elevate your song? If you’re Hardy, you go back to the song and get a piece that Lainey will never forget.

Here’s the deal. wait in the truck is a song about an abusive relationship.

Hardy voices the man who’s driving his truck down a country road when he comes across a woman (Lainey) who has clearly been abused. He picks her up, asks where she came from, turns his truck around and takes care of  the problem to make sure he never hurts her again.

Where did the idea come from?

Hardy was in a writing session with fellow song writer Hunter Phelps when they started talking about what they would do if either of their fiancee’s were attacked. Hardy said he would draw the attention of the attacker and tell his fiancé to “wait in the truck.” And so came the song.

What does Lainey think?

Lainey loves the song and says she channeled characters from songs like Garth Brooks’ The Thunder Rolls and The Chicks’ Goodbye Earl (see those videos below). Lainey is happy to be on a song with such a strong message because she hopes it haunts domestic abusers.

Hardy wanted to thank Lainey …

for her work on the song, so he went back to the lyrics and bought her a Judge. There’s a lyric in the song where Lainey sings:

I never thought my day of justice / Would come from a Judge under a seat

I thought the “judge” was like a judge and jury. The one making judgement. But no. The Judge referenced is actually a revolver. So Hardy bought Lainey a Judge as a thank you.

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