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We (The Andie Summers Show and you, XTU Nation) have been waiting for a whole week to find out what is in the secret box!! Well today, we found out!!!

Secret Box

  • Clue #1

    Day One Clue

    How fun is this, your first clue

    It’s a secret little box!!

    Do not open it for 7 days,

    that’s an order from your boss.

  • Clue #2

    Day Two Clue

    Let’s have a ball,

    man this will be fun.

    Four days until you open me

    life goals check off! Done……

  • Clue #3

    Day Three Clue

    Andie- You should know,

    You have lots of experience.

    Can you guess what this is?

    Do you have a sixth sense?

  • Clue #4

    Day Four

    This box contains a very special gift, a miracle? Perhaps!

    XTU Nation, how do you not know?

    No matter the awards or accolades,

    This is what matters the most

  • Clue #5

    Day Five

    Little things come in big packages

    Keep pushing, one more day,

    Then celebrate!


  • Here's When Jeff Found Out!


    When my wife told me we were going to HAVE A BABY! We call this the “Quesadilla Video” #Baby #pregnant

    ♬ Next Thing You Know - Jordan Davis
  • How About LISTENING To It!

  • We Added The Reaction From The Show On TikTok!


    This is how you surprise your coworkers with a baby announcement!

    ♬ I Love You Always Forever (Edit) - Donna Lewis
  • And Jeff and Emily's Announcement On Social Media!

    I hope to be HALF the father my dad has been to me! Love this baby so much already.Here’s how we announced it on the radio:

    Posted by Jeff Kurkjian on Friday, February 3, 2023