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  • Minute To Win It - Rick from Radnor 2.28.24

    1. Pan & Jim were a couple in what sitcom?

    2. In what ocean is the Bermuda Triangle located?


  • Minute To Win It - Dana from Cinnaminson 2.27.24

    1. What do you call the underground part of a plant?

    2. What is the capitol of Vietnam?


  • Minute To Win It - Tara from Philly 2.26.24

    1. Who is the creator of Saturday Night Live?

    2. What was the name of Kris Jenner’s late husband?


  • Minute To Win It - Jodie from Narberth 2.23.24

    1. What is another word for a pumpkin seed?

    2. What movie made Drew Barrymore famous?


  • Minute To Win It - Holly from Williamstown 2.22.24

    1. What little creature is the mascot for Keebler?

    2. According to the rhyme, what is on fire if you are a liar?


  • Minute To Win It - Casey from Fairless Hills 2.21.24

    1. What do you call the center most part of the earth?

    2. What is the term for a small elevator used for food?


  • Minute To Win It - Tim from Telford 2.20.24

    1. Who became president after John F. Kennedy?

    2. Which of the planets is closest to the sun?


  • Minute To Win It - Lauren from Haddonfield 2.16.24

    1. Who is the manager of the Phillies?

    2. Name a state that touches the Pacific Ocean.


  • Minute To Win It - Melissa from Horsham 2.15.24

    1. What monarch officially made Valentine’s Day a holiday?

    2. What is the better known term for a Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus?

  • Minute To Win It - Jim from NE Philly 2.14.24 Valentine's Day Edition

    1. Valentine’s Day ranks 2nd to what holiday for most greeting card sales worldwide?

    2. In the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” on top of what famous building do Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet?

  • Minute To Win It - Josh from Cherry Hill 2.13.24

    1. What is Dierks Bentley’s real first name?

    2. The state animal of Utah is the Rocky Mountain _____?


  • Minute To Win It - Breanna from Levittown 2.12.24

    1. What do you call a female sheep?

    2. Which one was not a real person: Marie Callendar, Betty Crocker, or Chef Boyardee?


  • Minute To Win It - Kate from Cherry Hill 2.9.24

    1. What is the smallest unit of life?

    2. Who are Donald Duck’s 3 newphews?


  • Minute To Win It - Melissa from Little Egg Harbor 2.8.24

    1. What does a sommelier specialize in?

    2. What author was born in Stratford Upon Avon?

  • Minute To Win It - Charles from Perkasie 2.6.24

    1. Which continent is closest to Antarctica?

    2. What does SPF stand for?


  • Minute To Win It - Mike from Cinnaminson 2.5.24

    1. Where is the strongest human muscle located?

    2. Scuttle is a character in what Disney movie?


  • Minute To Win It - Stacey from Berlin 2.2.24

    1. What two dog breeds make a Shorki?

    2. What does the acronym CODA stand for?


  • Minute To Win It - Amber from Perkasie 2.1.24

    1. What number is Coco Chanel’s famous perfume?

    2. What two dog breeds make a Shorki?


  • Minute To Win It - Erica from King of Prussia 1.31.24

    1. What gas makes soda bubbly?

    2. How many timeouts can a team call in an NFL game?


  • Minute To Win It - Lindsay from Reading 1.30.24

    1. In which part of the body will you find your metacarpi?

    2. In the nursery rhyme, what did the itsy bitsy spider climb?


  • Minute To Win It - Rachel from Reading 1.29.24

    1. Who will sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl?

    2. What was Pocahontas named when she was baptized?


  • Minute To Win It - Izzy from Levittown 1.26.24

    1. What fruit has seeds on the outside?

    2. What is Wayne Gretzky’s nickname?


  • Minute To Win It - Bill from West Chester 1.25.24

    1. Who is Charlie Sheen’s famous brother?

    2. When bowling, how many pins are set up at the beginning of each frame?


  • Minute To Win It - Sue from Gilbertsville 1.24.24

    1. In what state is the first in the nation primary?

    2. Who sings Truck Bed?

  • Minute To Win It - Amanda from Wilmington 1.23.24

    1. In what country will you find Mount Kilimanjaro?

    2. Who’s signature is largest on the Declaration of Independence?

  • Minute To Win It - Joan from Blackwood 1.22.24

    1. Who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

    2. What is the yellow part of an egg called?

  • Minute To Win It - Tracy from Cinnaminson 1.19.24

    1. What unique ingredient makes Red Eye Gravy?

    2. What catch-phrase is on the tombstone of the voice actor Mel Blanc?


  • Mark from Maple Shade WINS Minute To Win It!

    Congratulations to our winner, Mark from Maple Shade. Mark answered all 10 questions correct and won $1,000!

  • Minute To Win It - Tina from Conshohocken 1.17.24

    1. What do you call a serve in volleyball that is not returned by your opponent?
    2. How many wees are in a year?

  • Minute To Win It - Taylor from Doylestown 1.16.24

    1. Who was the MVP of the 2008 World Series?

    2. The late Darryl Dawkins, of the Philadelphia 76ers had a nickname. What was it?


  • Minute To Win It - Emily from Lafayette Hill 1.12.24

    1. What does “Jentacular” mean?

    2. What character’s name was called every time he walked in to the bar on “Cheers?”


  • Minute To Win It - Mary from Wayne 1.11.24

    1. What country was the first to produce paper?

    2. What is the only US state that doesn’t have a state flag?



  • Minute To Win It - Devon from Williamstown 1.10.24

    1. What country makes more popcorn than any other?

    2. What is the process milk goes through to get rid of the bad bacteria?


  • Minute To Win It - Carly from Boyertown 1.9.23

    1. What movie won the Golden Globe for best drama?

    2. Moon or Sun. Which orbits around the Earth?


  • Minute To Win It - Tina from Deptford 1.8.23

    1. What shape indicates an expert slope at a ski resort?

    2. What kind of party is named for gifting firewood to new neighbors?


  • Minute To Win It - Mark from West Chester 1.5.23

    1. What is the only state whose flag is not rectangular?

    2. What is a strop used for?


  • Minute To Win It - Sandra from Glassboro 1.4.24

    1. What is Wonder Woman’s choice of weapon?

    2. What flower’s bulb can be used in place of an onion in cooking?

    <iframe src=”” allow=”autoplay; clipboard-write” width=”100%” height=”180″ frameborder=”0″ title=”Minute To Win It – Sandra from Glassboro 1.4.23″></iframe>

  • Minute To Win It - Erika from Alloway 1.3.23

    1. Who has the highest-grossing tour of all time?
    2. What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2023?

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