Okay, wait a minute, that doesn’t make ANY sense, right? Well it seems that the power of people made  a big difference when it comes to helping a mom figure out something going on with her son!

New mom, Lily Fleet, loves making videos with her son! She makes cleverly edited videos involving her adorable baby using cool transitions. That’s when optometrist, Laura Brown, noticed something in little Ari’s left eye.

His left eye appeared to be quite cloudy, according to the optometrist and TikTok user. The eye also had an outward squint that the doctor noticed during just a short few seconds of the video.

Brown decided to message the new mom with her concern and suggestion to go to the doctor and get it all checked out. Ultimately, the Dr. Laura was right. Ari had congenital glaucoma, which requires an urgent operation in order to to open a tube in the eye so fluid can drain.

Here’s how the new mom reacted and responded.

“When we saw the specialists they said this isn’t often picked up before seven months so we’re very lucky,” said Fleet, from East London. “I wasn’t surprised because I had noticed his eye and been to the doctor but Laura encouraged me to make sure I saw a specialist which made all the difference.”

“I’m so grateful to her for reaching out. It’s something I’ll never forget. It would be lovely to have an impact on someone’s life like that,” she added.

Untreated, glaucoma can actually lead to blindness. The young mom noticed something was wrong but was assured by doctors that she can bring him back in three months if it hasn’t cleared up but after Dr. Laura’s message, she was convinced that the doctors must see her and her son again and thank goodness!

The internet can actually be a GOOD place at times!

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