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What will he be challenged to sing next? Check out every single “Ten Minute Tune” he’s done up until this point and make sure to listen The Andie Summers Show every single Thursday to hear brand new ones!

What is a Ten Minute Tune? XTU Nation decides what song and what topic I need to sing about and I only have ten minutes to change the lyrics of the song and practice before having to perform it LIVE on the air!

You can hear each and every Ten Minute Tune below!

I grew up loving music, have you ever seen one of our Classroom Covers?

You can see more of those here.

I grew up singing and performing. I took piano lessons since the age of six years old and was heavily involved in choir and theater ever since then. When I got to college, I was a founding member of the a cappella group, Otto Tunes, on the campus of Syracuse University!

It took us a semester to become an official student organization on campus. Here was our FIRST performance after becoming official. It’s Gavin DeGraw’s “Not Over You.”


I came up with this idea when messing around with friends. I love changing up lyrics and making them funny, this was no different but just with much more of time crunch.

We first tried only picking #1 songs but then we said “XTU Nation should decided what I should sing” and that’s when everything changed for the better!

Make sure that you’re listening at 7am every single Thursday to be able to give me a suggestion and then hear it all go down live. Though it makes me nervous, I have a lot of fun doing it.

You can hear each and every Ten Minute Tune here!!

  • April 11th, 2024 - Morgan Wallen Gets Arrested

    This guy was up to no good at Eric Church’s bar. He threw a chair off the six story balcony of the new bar that just opened. Leading to his arrest!! Three felonies he’s being charged with. Here’s the original song Jeff is remixing.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    This is what everyone was talking about! Morgan Wallen throwing a chair off the sixth story of Eric Church’s bar. So let’s hear how Jeff did.

    Sing A Long!

    I got mad at a barstool, like a darn fool

    All because of my ex,

    My buddy said, “Give me that chair”

    I gave him a stare, and then threw it right off the deck

    But I was up six stories high, almost hit cops, man they could’ve died

    And now I’m facing quite the legal trial

    The end result could be prison time

    Three felonies, I’ve been charged with,

    Disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment

    I’m the shell of a man, when my ex eloped.

    Had to throw something so I could cope, 

    I posted bail, it was fifteen kay

    Davidson County can’t hold me

    But I hope that I can get some help after I take a plea

    All cause I threw a chair

  • March 28th, 2024 - Opening Day For The Phillies (Kinda)

    Opening Day got postponed to March 29th but it didn’t matter to XTU Nation. They wanted Jeff to sing all about Opening Day! But what song, you may be asking. They love some Morgan Wallen and Thomas Rhett collab action. Here’s the original.

  • Jeff's Version

    Tasked with this great duet, let’s see what happens. Singing about Opening Day, the 2024 squad, the weather, all of the above. It’s a large undertaking but let’s listen!

    Sing A Long

    It is always windy and it’s cold and sometimes it’s raining

    But when you watch on Opening Day there ain’t no complainin’

    And we remember that team, circa two thousand and eight

    Or even that team in eighty man those teams felt like fate

    Screamin’ and cheerin’ were allowed in Philly’s house

    Now playing third his name is Bohmer, and at short is Trea Turner

    Castellanos Stott and Wheeler, leading off is Schwarber

    But there is one more name, MVP,  he’s number three, 

    Now we call this place Harper’s house

    We’re hoping lots of homers, maybe even a no-no

    Our fans wa

    nt Red October, the playoffs we will go

    But there is one more man, MVP,  he’s number three, 

    Cause we call this place Harper’s house

  • Thursday, March 21st 2024 - Spring Time Baby!!

    Jeff took “Back Then Right Now” by Tyler Hubbard and made it all about Spring Time! Now, we know at this point, spring is more wintery with the weather but we hit the spring solstice so good thoughts only! Here’s the original.

  • Jeff's Version

    Jeff’s version is fun!! Let us know what you think and sing a long below.

    Sing A Long

    Spring time right now!

    Now that it’s spring time, the flowers come out

    And then there’s baseball, the Phillies back in town

    Put away your snow boots and grab your gardening gloves

    It’s spring time

    No more shovelin’ snow, man wasn’t that the worst?

    Now you can back porch chill, margarita quench your thirst

    Finally it’s spring, and clothes they’re optional 

    Cept for Donnie

    Man it is finally spring, right now

    Yeah maybe a bit cold but no snow to plow

    Easter baby, yeah my eggs are loud

    Spring breaking all night

    Nothing but wild

    I could use a little flip flop weather

    Even put a big hat on my head with a feather

    Spring is all I wanted

    Take me out with the crowd

    Birds making sounds

    Damn, I’m so glad that it’s 

    Spring time, right now

    Spring time, right now

  • March 14th, 2024 - BIG BIG SHOW Announcement

    In 2023, we announced our 40th Anniversary Show starring Lainey Wilson. But now we’ve sweetened the deal big time by booking CHRIS LANE to headline our side stage. June 14th, Freedom Mortgage Pavilion. Here’s the original he had to change up.

  • Jeff's Version of "Big Big Plans"

    With the additions to our Anniversary Show, this is absolutely HUGE!!

    Sing A Long

    XTU Anniversary Show

    We announced what feels like a year ago, mmmm

    I’ve got big news, for our show in June

    So please sit down and I’ll letcha know.

    We told you bout Lainey, Ian Munsic, Zach Topp Baby

    But now we’ve got something else new to your show

    Now we say that we’ve got Chris Lane 

    This show will be the best!

    Can’t you see that we have got a big big show

    Freedom Mortgage Pavilion yeah you’ll need to go 

    Did I mention also that there’s Restless Road

    HunterGirl Bryan Martin make you say woah.

    Win your tickets here on XTU

    Grab your friends and family 14th of June

    XTU Nation it’s your night to shine

    We will party underneath the moon

    Now you know that we have got a big big show

    Well, now you know, well, now you know

    Now you know that we have got a big big show

    Well, now you know, well, now you know

  • February 29th, 2024

    LEAP DAY! We are hosting this amazing wedding and this song will be played LIVE by Scotty as the first dance.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    So we are having a wedding ceremony on Leap Day WITH Scotty so we had to do his song. But instead of making an already sweet song, sweeter, Jeff was challenged to talk about the tough days of marriage. What marriage REALLY is!

    Sing A Long!

    Yeah you just got married, the phase is honeymoon

    And you’re thinking that life together will always be roses in bloom

    Oh but dontcha know, the feeling will end soon

    Yeah you’re actually quite near, just a few more years, oh you wait,

    Yeah, you’ll think he’s a buffoon.

    This is marriage, here’s the truth

    One day it’s great, then pulling a tooth 

    Get off the couch, can’t you help me with the dishes

    Take out the trash, kiss me more

    Nevermind, man you snore. 

    Sleeping on the couch, and then laughing together 

    But the one thing I love is that it’s forever

    This is marriage. 

  • February 22nd, 2024 - Horse Running On 95 and Luke Combs

    Rick from Mount Laurel had an amazing suggestion. “Where The Wild Things Are” is a huge hit for Luke Combs.

    Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Listen here to his version of “Where The Wild Things Are” about the horse running on 95! So funny.

    Lyrics Here!

    I’m driving down Interstate 95

    Just my normal commuting 

    My radio on ninety two point five

    And then something confusing

    Then I looked to my right, what a sight running on the highway

    He pointed his big nose west

    Looking for a bale of hay..

    I slow down so I can match his speed

    Twenty five miles per hour

    Might as well be running in some sort of Grand Prix

    Shower him with flowers

    And all the cars on the road slow down to protect his heart

    All the people on the streets out here

    Love the horse running like a car 

    Oh, his hooves on fire it’s a sight to see

    Oh, he merges right exits at Alleghany

    We light up those streets, flash our high beams throw our caution lights on

    For the horse running like a car!

  • February 15th, 2024 - Spring Training Has Begun

    “Mind On You” is a smash hit for up-and-coming artist, George Birge. No surprise that XTU Nation wanted Jeff to sing a version of the song. Check out the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    He took on George Birge singing all about the start of Spring Training in Florida!


    Well, Phillies, it’s Spring Training

    Pitchers catchers, it’s time to report, Clearwater

    Philly this is our year

    Take a sip of beer and here’s why you’ll cheer, Go Phils!

    We both know last year had a rough end

    But this year we’re going full send

    I’m a Phillies fan and a fan of the Phils

    If it’s Mike Schmidt nineteen eighty or Hamels in oh eight

    Now we’ve got Harper with his hits he don’t miss

    Nola signed a big deal, you can take that to the bank

    Every time, we take the field during this season

    Beer in my hands, ball cap jawn and the game turned on

    Oh fans sing this song, can’t wait for a shwarbomb!

  • BONUS! February 9th, 2024 - Will T Swift Make It To The Super Bowl?

    That’s what everyone is asking. Taylor is performing in Tokyo and then has a small window to make it to Las Vegas in time for the Super Bowl. Will she do it? Jeff sang about it to her hit song, “Our Song.”

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    How cool is this version?? He decided to do an extra one because people wanted BOTH a Toby song and a Taylor song.

    Watch It Here!


    Are any #Swifties on this app? Will she make it in time to see Travis in the SuperBowl? #LasVegas

    ♬ original sound - Jeff Kurkjian - Jeff Kurkjian

    Listen Here!

    Sing A Long

    I was flying real fast, Japan to Vegas

    Trying to make it to his game

    I just played four shows crushed it Tokyo

    Hope the skies are tame.   

    12 hour flight, flying into the night

    And I finally make it there.

    And when I roll up, heads they’ll turn yup,

    Travis, you’ve got to hear.

    And I say,

    Super Bowl but I’m here for you

    Ain’t nobody else that I want and that’s true

    When the game is on and they cut to my booth

    I don’t care cause I’m cheering on my boo

    And when you go and win this game

    You better get on a knee and propose to me

    Just announced an album, after another Grammy I won

    The only thing I need, well I need a ring

  • February 8th, 2024 - Remember Toby Keith

    XTU Nation wanted Jeff to honor Toby Keith and so he did! They picked this amazing song by the late star…

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Jeff wanted to honor the legendary career in a fitting way, that’s what XTU Nation wants. Here’s his version!

    Watch the video…

    Listen Here!

    Sing A Long!

    Waking up here on Tuesday morn,

    We got some really real sad news

    Another country star that we will mourn

    Toby Keith is gone and we are blue. 

    But he wouldn’t want us to cry

    He would want us to party right

    So if you want go out tonight

    We can have a good good time

    We say Toby!

    He is as good as he once was

    Even one hundred years from now

    We’re jammin’ to his songs

    All weekend long

    So we can honor his great life

    When you think of Toby Keith

    And his love for military

    He is as good once was

    He is number one, in all of our hearts

  • February 1st, 2024 - Groundhog Day With A Mix Of Hardy

    LOVE Hardy so much. This song has been requested for a LONG time and we finally found the perfect match for it. February 2nd is Groundhog’s Day. A special day that Jeff is going to have to sing about. He’s taking Hardy’s “Truck Bed,” let’s listen to the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Wow! He really rocked out on this one. Truck Bed but singing about Groundhog Day! How legendary is this??

    Here Are The Lyrics

    I woke up on the wrong side of my shadow this morning

    With a bunch weirdly dressed people watching

    Damn, they got some nerve, waking me up from slumber

    Is it more winter or is it now summer?

    ‘Cause I woke up on the wrong side of my shadow this morning, yeah

    You know me I’m Punxsutawney Phil

    And now PETA wants a coin instead, I say nah just chill

    6 a.m. they knock-knock, open up my door

    Rub my eyes, it’s a surprise, once a year I have this chore

    Yeah, I be like Santa Claus

    Work one day a year, get all the broads 

    I woke up on the wrong side of my shadow this morning

    With a bunch weirdly dressed people watching

    Damn, they got some nerve, waking me up from slumber

    Is it more winter or is it now summer?

    I’m Punxsutawney Phil no one can replace my presence 

    See my shadow or not I predict the weather,

    Ain’t nobody know, that this job ain’t just some joke

    I’m a legend don’t agree then you must go!

  • January 15, 2024 - SAVE ME But All About Ski Day

    Our 2024 Ski Day is on January 26th so Jeff was tasked with singing about it for Ten Minute Tune. He’s not the best skier so let’s see how this goes… Here’s the original song!


  • Here's Jeff's Version

    He takes on Jelly Roll once again (different song this time) singing about our annual Ski Day!!!

  • January 11, 2024 - STORMS and Kane Brown

    Jeff was tasked to sing about all the storms hitting the Delaware Valley along with power outages all over. And another storming coming next week. Here’s the original Jeff remixed.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    I CAN FEEL IT! But we are singing about rain and storms. Listen here and see the lyrics below.

    Sing A Long

    You can barely see the car

    Right in front of you is it close or far?

    This damn rain making life bizarre 

    Then the lights went out

    Powers out all down our street

    High winds all night at the very least

    Schools be closed, oh what a treat

    Now what do we do all day?

    Kids want to watch a show

    TV will not go on

    What else to do, I know

    We can play monopoly, flashlight tag or puzzle or we 

    Put away our tree, since it’s no longer christmas, build a lego just

    Maybe oh please don’t hurt each other and def don’t yell at me

    Oh, gosh, this rain has me pulling out my hair 

    I need a prayer

  • January 4, 2024 - Save Me The Trouble All About Snow

    Jeff remixed Dan+Shay’s “Save Me The Trouble”  but had to sing about the impending snow storm. Hoping for snow, put those PJs inside out.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    After being sick, having to sing like Shay Mooney was difficult but we think Jeff really pulled it off! Here is his version of “Save Me The Trouble” by Dan+Shay all about snow.

  • November 30, 2023 - Chris Stapleton Meets Christmas

    Streaming up the charts, “White Horse” by Chris Stapleton is just incredible. The vocals, amazing, storytelling, amazing. You can’t go wrong with him. Unless Jeff changes it up… Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Giving his very best Chris Stapleton on this one, Jeff crushes your new favorite “Christmas” song.

    Sing A Long!

     This year, Christmas kinda came real fast

    Toy Truck is next weekend.

    Send us, a card for our follow back

    You’ll get one in return from our pack

    Ho ho ho ho

    If you want a present under your tree

    And not coal up in your stocking

    You gots to be nice to mommy and daddy

    Hold on tight, santa is coming

    Oh, he’s coming

    Santa Claus is coming


    Give back, to those in need this year

    Right now it’s the time to share

    The real gift, of the season is the spirit

    It’s all about all the love and care

    Ho Ho Ho Ho!

    Here he comes riding down your chimney

    To drink the milk and eat cookies

    Cause he’s Kris Kringle aka Big Sexy,

    All the those girls singing Santa Baby

    Oh he ain’t here yet

    On the 25th I bet


  • November 16, 2023 - Thanksgiving Is HERE!

    Donnie got a little excited and decided to really challenge Jeff for this week after seeing Kathy’s text. “Ain’t Going Down” by Garth Brooks is a great song but a tough song at that. Lots of lyrics. Let’s hear the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    We think this is by far his most impressive Ten Minute Tune to date! Here’s his version.

    Sing A Long Here! 

    Six o’clock on Thursday evening

    Got a big food baby growing

    When I hear the fridge a opening

    Leftovers getting into motion

    Local country station X-T-U on the radio

    Pick me up at seven I can’t get my butt of the flo

    Momma’s on the front porch screamin’ mashed potatoes

    You better get your plate back

    So you can eat another serving, yeah  

    … Nine o’clock my eyes are closing

    But the fun is just beginning

    Crazy Uncle politicking

    Cousin says “ugh I’m leaving”

    Another bite to eat

    I’m so full but that’s what I want

    Big laughing and game nighting

    Sitting next to my drunk aunt

    Can’t fit into my socks

    Cause I had a lot of cheese

    But eating for the season

    Real late eating between my cheeks

    … I’m chowing down

    ‘Til the sun comes up

    Thanksgiving yes

    Put wine up in my cup

    Picking all my sides

    Hope I don’t throw up

    I’m chowing down

    ‘Til the sun comes up

  • November 2nd, 2023 - Is It Christmas Yet??

    Jeff was tasked with singing about early Christmas decorators but only using Russell Dickerson’s “God Gave Me A Girl.” Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Man, if you don’t want to get in the early Christmas spirit, then don’t listen to this song.

    Sing A-Long

    We celebrated Halloween

    Twix and Snickers, and Reeses,

    What a great one night that we had

    Trust me it’s not that I think that it’s bad

    Now for me, a shopping spree,

    Get rid of pumpkins, rake the leaves

    Never really gave Thanksgiving a thought

    Man, as soon as I swore it off

    I set up my tree,

    November 15th,

    Hung the lights from the see-ling, it brings me such glee

    Every time I hang mistletoe

    I blast Mariah nobody needs to know,

    Lots of nutcrackers,

    Gold Frankincense and myrrh 

    Santa’s wearing a fur

    Cookie batter we will stir

    Now I don’t care it’s November

    I love Christmas you need to remember

    I set up my tree!

  • October 26th, 2023 - Couples Costumes For The Win

    Gotta love those great and creative costumes that couples come up with. How about singing it to “Fancy Like?” Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Halloween Costumes for couples, we got them here!

    Sing A-Long


    Halloween is comin’

    We need costume

    We need to win the contest looking awesome 

    Maybe you be Lainey

    Jelly Roll’s what I’ll be!

    We can dress up nice with mics singing Save Me.

    See a closed down store? Spirit Halloween

    You could be a mop, I’ll be Mr. Clean (ayy)

    Ayy, ayy, ayy

    Yeah, we dressing like Rip and Beth on Yellowstone

    Travis Kelce, T Swift get a picture on my phone

    I’ll be barbie you’ll be Ken too!

    Or you can throwback be the Flintstones

    We’re dressing like Jack and Rose from Titanic

    Go to our website find a fit don’t  panic

    Oppenheimer old timer or a writer on a strike

    That’s halloween, twenty three dressing like.

  • October 19th 2023 - Chayce Beckham "23" About Those Phillies

    What a great song and a great topic. It was an overwhelming response to sing about the Phillies, of course. They are in the National League Championship Series against he Arizona Diamondbacks. Here’s the original song!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    You gotta listen here and then follow along with the lyrics below.

    Watch Jeff perform it here!

    Sing A Long

    The Phillies are in Red October taking on the Diamondbacks

    We took the first games here at home

    Five to three and ten zero smack.

    We only need just two more wins

    To the World Series baby we are back


    With Liam cheerin on the team [pause]

    When we get to Arizona in the desert heat

    We will see their fans so bored their just sitting in their seats

    Phillies starting pitching is tough to beat

    Nola Wheeler Suarez

    All our starters are neat [pause]

    Well, my name is Bryce Harper and I’m playing for the Phils

    And I’m hitting all the homers on my birthday what a thrill

    Dingers all night, let’s go Phillies

    Red October boys and me

    Now I’m number three and there ain’t nobody who can hit like me

    Then there’s Kyle Schwarber, he broke a record with lead off homers

    We know we shouldn’t take it slow

    We should sweep these guys going toe to toe

    Arizona knows! 

    When we make it to their field,

    They might as well kneel and yield.

  • October 12th, 2023 - Truth About You (By You We Mean Amazon)

    Amazon Prime Day Deals just happened and so did the second biggest Powerball EVER. Buying tickets and buying deals all put us in debt so Jeff is singing about it.

    Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Amazon Prime and Powerball combined put us all in debt, ouch.

  • October 5th, 2023 - Red October Is HERE!

    Jeff was tasked with taking Tim McGraw’s “Standing Room Only” and changing it into a song about Red October. Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    GO PHILLIES!!!! Let’s finish it this year.

  • September 28th, 2023 - T Swift and T Kelce

    This is what everybody is talking about right now. She attended the Chiefs game on September 24th to cheer on Kelce and the internet exploded. See the pictures here.

    Here’s the song XTU Nation chose for Jeff to change!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Jeff did his very best at singing Taylor but made this song more about the Eagles than the Chiefs! How? Find out!

    Sing A Long

    You’re at the game for your tight end, T-Kelce

    He’s scoring touchdowns for the team in Kansas City

    But I grew up, rooting for the Eagles…

    The internet explodes, when the pictures dropped with his mom

    Then we walked out the game together like it’s prom

    The tops off, not my top, I mean his car…

    But this whole country’s filled with Swifties

    But now she’s a fan of the Chiefs of Kansas City

    Maybe it’s her plan that she’s had all along

    To break his, little heart and root for his big bro

    Taylor Swift is dating one of the Kelce Brothers,

    She even is now best friends with his mother, can’t you see?

    It’s a conspiracy, to benefit Phillyyyyyy

  • September 21, 2023 - "Angels" About The Fall Season

    Thomas Rhett’s 21st number one is “Angels (Don’t Always Have Wings)” and this week, XTU Nation challenged Jeff to SANG it and change the lyrics.

    Here’s the original…

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing A Long!

    It’s the best time of year, Eagles football, phillies playoffs is here

    Autumn starts on Saturday, Thanksgiving is near

    Get those flannels cheers while we drink pumpkin beer

    Ugg boots are back, no it’s not weird 

    Time to put out the gourds, on the porch and that bale of hay

    We light our candles, pumpkin scented and orange hand towels

    We know why it’s the greatest fall season is really the best

    Basic witches they’re living for this

  • September 14th, 2023- Birds Home Opener

    YES the 2022-2023 football season has begun. Week one, the birds got a win in New England and now they return home for week two’s matchup against the Vikings! Tammy picked Bailey Zimmerman’s “Religiously” as the song for this week.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Jeff loves singing about the birds, he’s done it quite a bit before. Here it is!

    Here are the lyrics

    I went looking at highlights of the Super Bowl

    All those bad memories

    But we won on week one, now we back at the Linc

    Now against the Vikings

    Jalen Hurts Touchdown, DeAndre Swift on the ground, 

    Football is back in town

    And yeah we, want the crown, back to the Super Bowl game

    But we gotta win now, home opener

    And now the birds on Thursday night

    Sack Kirk Cousins under the lights

    ‘Cause we got the best defense in the NFL

    The birds in town

    And when the offense takes the field

    Four TDs later we will kneel

    ‘Cause we make the other teams fans leave with a frown

    The birds in town

  • September 7th, 2023 - ESCAPED CONVICT

    A prisoner escaped a Chester County prison and is on the run. Tammy texted in and wanted Jeff to write a song about it to the tune of “Try That In A Small Town!”

    Here’s the original…

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Sing A Long!

    Heard a man escaped from the prison

    Chester County high alert that’s the reason

    He was spotted flicking lights in a basement

    Where did he go? Visit Longwood Gardens

    He’s caught on cam, Cavalcate

    Only five foot oh but a bit insane

    Yeah, have we found him yet?

    Well, is he in our small town?

    I wonder how long he’ll make it down the road

    Who knows he could be back in Brazil

    Or trying to score tix to see the Phils

    But if you find him, I recommend you call

    The police in your small town

  • August 31st, 2023 - BACK TO SCHOOL!

    Jeff sings “Stars Like Confetti” just like Dustin Lynch (kinda) but all about the first day of school and food fights? Here’s the original song.

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing Along!

    There we were

    In the back of that old yellow bus

    The bumpy road

    A couple kids backpacks on us

    Brand new shoes,

    You know I still recall the taste

    Of my brown bag lunch PB sandwich

    My teacher yelling “don’t eat that paste”

    It’s the beginning of the year

    Gotta see who’s in my classes

    But I really hope

    I don’t get bullied for my glasses

    Boy do I remember it was the first of September

    I was hangin’ in the lunch room with the choir I’m a member

    All I know is Ian Bigalow starts standin’

    All his friends are  joinin’, they start throwin’

    Fries like confetti, ah

    Fries like confetti, ah

  • August 17th, 2023 Jeff's Paternity Leave

    Hey, it’s Andie here. Our guy Jeff is brand new dad to his happy & healthy daughter, McKinley! Usually Jeff would write and sing a Ten Minute Tune live on air, but he is currently out on paternity leave. So instead, Jeff recorded his own Ten Minute Tune from home and surprised The Andie Summers Show on air. Take a listen, one will make you laugh and one will make you cry!

    Hope You Dance (Jeff’s Version) 


    Country Roads (Jeff’s Version)


  • August 3rd, 2023 - Kane Brown Meets The Eagles

    A great suggestion from XTU Nation puts Kane Brown and the Philadelphia Eagles into one. Jeff had to sing “Bury Me In Georgia” about the Eagles but Donnie gave him an idea about singing about the amount of Georgia players on the Eagles!

    Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version!!

    He doesn’t quite sound like Kane Brown but his lyrics are HILARIOUS!

    Sing Along!

    Eighteen weeks of Eagles football

    South Philly is our home

    There’s new players on the team bus

    Came three hours from Rome.

    Now they’re on our team

    Dawgs to Birds we scream

    Football season I’m ready yeah [PAUSE]

    The Linc’s the place

    Trophies we raise

    We picked up all the champs

    All we draft is Georgia

    To come and join our team

    Underneath the lights

    Yeah, yeah, yeah

    Our wide receivers go deep

    Dean and Swift

    Davis, Ringo, Smith

    And Jalen Carter he don’t miss, yeah

    When we draft…

    All we draft is Georgia

  • July 27th, 2023 - ALIENS?!?!? With Jon Pardi

    Whether it’s “Your Heart Or Mine” believing in aliens, I will tell you this, they are HERE!

    Take a listen to the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing Along!

    Aliens came down to earth

    In craft somewhere near Fort Worth

    And now we know, we’re not alone

    Outside this ozone, and it’s true

    Feeling like Independence Day

    Here forever or is it their vacay?

    These aliens, are they friends?

    We don’t know what it is that they want

    Do they want to watch baseball?

    King of Prussia see the mall?

    Do they, want to pick a fight,

    With us, or play pickleball at night

    I hope that, they don’t apply

    To take, our jobs that’s not right

    It’s just a matter of time ’til they find

    Their ship and fly

  • July 20th, 2023 - Jeff Sings "Last Night" By Morgan Wallen

    And he’s singing all about his fake baby, “Maybe,” that he had to take care of! Check out his Daddy Diary.

    Baby From Collegium

    Let’s listen to the original.

  • Let's Hear Jeff's Version

    Sing Along!

    Last night, the baby couldn’t sleep

    I’m waking up for every little thing that she says she needs

    I thought that being dad would be a gift that keeps on givin’

    But now I know that it is also very much exhaustin’

    I was not sleepin’ last night

    I kissed her head

    Then I said please baby go to bed

    Now I need to sleep, can I get some meds?

    Just close your little eyes, while I rest my head

    Cause, you know she will wake up

    And scream, cry and throw up

    But I’m still gon’ wake up cause I love this girl

    I know that last night she kept on waking up

    I can’t remember ever loving something at all this much

    They told me that my life and family would never be the same

    But this baby makes me oh so happy so I’ll be okay

    I may not have slept last night (last night)

    She is the cutest, she’s my bright light! (bright light)

  • July 13th, 2023 - Cody Johnson's "Human" All About Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime Day was on July 11th and 12th and now, our credit cards are hurting! Check out the original song.

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing A Long!

    I thought that I would be able to stop shoppin’

    Buying things on Amazon Prime Days

    I thought that you wouldn’t check our account

    If you could please just hear me out and not be mad

    I never planned on buying all the crap that I bought

    But then I saw Andie’s Prime Day deals

    Well, all I can say is that I blacked out

    I got kind of careless with our card.

    All the prime deals

    All the big steals

    Buying all those TVs, half off it’s not real

    I don’t need them

    But I hit send

    I guess all I’m sayin’ is forgive me

    If I don’t know how much I’m spendin’

    I’m addicting to the shoppin’

  • July 6th, 2023 - "Need A Favor" About Being The Only One In The Office

    What an amazing song and a VERY relevant topic. This is the reality for a lot of XTU Nation right now, coworkers down the shore on vacation and you’re left at work alone!

    Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version Of Jelly Roll

    If you’re the only person at work, you’re not alone!

    Sing A Long!

    I’m the only one that’s here because it’s summer

    Cause I do not own a shore house, that’s a bummer

    So, I am sitting here, I ain’t got a beer,

    Cause I’m workin’, oh oh

    I’m the only one that’s here because it’s summer

    my God, that is a bummer.

    I know I gotta work, so I can afford my mortgage

    But I would rather be at a pool with the ladies they looking gorgeous 

    Out of office emails only message I get back from my cohorts

    Shouldn’t have used all my days, to go tailgate in January

    I only am alone at work in summer,

    It’s about as fun as butt crack on a plumber,

    But I’m in the office, problems I fix

    While everyone is tannin’, oh oh 

    Will they even know if I decide I’m leavin’

    Oh yeah, I’ll leave at ten!

  • June 29th, 2023 - Going Down The Shore To Fast Car

    Luke Combs SMASH HIT “Fast Car” was the song all about driving down the shore for the 4th of July weekend!

    Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Safe travels down the shore!!

    Sing Along Here!

    You got a fast car

    I want go down the shore today

    Manco Manco pizza please

    Maybe together, we can go to Jer-say

    Ain’t no place that’s better

    When you’re down the shore, ain’t got no shoes

    Maybe we’ll see Lucy

    Morey’s Piers, holding hands with you


    You gotta call work

    Tell ‘em that you’re sick so we can partay

    At least for the kids it is summer

    Let’s leave right now just me and BAE


    So I remember we were drinking, drinking on the pier,

    It wasn’t Ocean City, there you can’t have a beer.

    Bikini bods laid out before me and then there’s Donnie in a speedo looking corny

    And I, I, gonna be back for Tidal Wave

    I, I, had a feeling I could be someone, or meet someone, and have some fun

  • June 15th, 2023 - "Watching You" For Father's Day

    This great song from Rodney Atkins is already one of the best father-child songs out there but did Jeff just make it better??

    Here’s the original…


  • Jeff's Version With His Dad On The Phone!

    Jeff sang about becoming a new dad (baby due August 2023) and knowing what to do thanks to HIS dad. Naturally, Andie got his dad on the line to enjoy it.


    I remember when it was dad and Jeffrey

    He asked me “what do you want to be?”

    Knowing that I would probably say

    Baseball star or astronaut

    I took a quick second and I thought with my mind

    I knew the answer and I was only nine

    I was a bit embarrassed but I gotta tell him he is my dad.

    I told him “you’re the best, and you’re my hero”

    He thought I might want to cover the Orioles

    So I said dad, it’s not that, let’s have a chat

    I want to be a dad, yeah just like you

    Have a kid that loves me like I love you

    Go out and play catch, movies on the couch like we did

    I’m a bit nervous but I shouldn’t be

    Cause my dad taught me everything I would need

    I wanna be the best dad there can be

    Wanna be a dad like you

  • June 8th, 2023 - The Smoke From Canada With Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis is an absolute HIT MACHINE!! He can’t be stopped. Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version About The Smoke

    Sing Along Here!!

    You swear that you’re going running, then there was smoke

    Ghost your date at the bar cause there was smoke

    It’s just a fire, and it’s in Quebec

    It’s so far away, that it won’t affect

    The Phillies game, that was postponed

    It’s the air quality, because of the smoke

    Smells a bonfire up in this place

    Close up your windows, shirt covers your face

    Because of smoke

    You find excuses like never before

    Just to ditch your friends and stay indoors

    Couch or bed just not up on the porch

    This ain’t pandemic it’s smoke

    The sky is toast

    Man it smells bad just like when

    That I, find myself cooking in the kitchen

    But there’s, hope that we’ll see sky again

    Down the shore hopefully this weekend

    But now there’s smoke

  • June 1st, 2023 - The End Of The School Year

    And we had to use LUKE BRYAN to make this one come true. Don’t forget, he is headlining the 2023 Anniversary Show!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    We don’t want this school year to end!


    Coming up on Memorial Day Weekend 2023!! Jeff was challenged to sing Old Dominion’s “Memory Lane” about this great holiday weekend.

    Here’s the original…

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    XTU Nation has deemed this one the BEST one to date. What do you think?

    Sing A Long!

    If I could throw a party on Memorial Day

    I’d invite a bunch of vets who fought for the USA

    We’d remember those we lost fighting for this country

    And we’d crack open beers last Monday of May

    Miller Lite!!

    Burgers, dogs, go head take a bite

    Yeah, I might as well have another,

    This where I like to spend my time

    Thinkin’ ’bout those heroes that made the big sacrifice

    So we can be free here in our paradise

    I’m drunk and I’m swimming, with whiskey on ice.

    My friends and my family, the best is my Emily, 

    We’re all very friendly and it’s all in the memory

    Of all those we lost this Memorial Day,

    I never have to wonder if we’re free, USA!

    We’d be, [pause] hanging out just at pool, man this weather beautiful

    You ain’t happy you a fool

    Thinkin’ ’bout those heroes that made the big sacrifice

    So we can play Yahtzee at home with our dice

    Church on the weekends, on Sunday look nice.

    It’s all cause of heroes, soldiers that our God knows, 

    GI Janes, GI Joes, we salute you and guitar solo!

  • May 18th, 2023 - George Strait's Birthday And Summer!

    We had to pull out a classic this week to honor the KING of country music, George Strait.

  • Here's Jeff Mashing George Strait and Bikini Season


    I’m feeling heavy this mornin’

    Oh no, winter’s gone!

    Gotta squeeze my fat butt in

    This suit my thighs looks wrong

    When that Sun is out

    It makes me pout

    I’ll be liftin’ at the gym today

    Feeling heavy this mornin’

    Swimsuit body ain’t okay.

    Take a look at my love handles,

    It looks like a spare tire

    My body just ain’t ready

    To sing in a shirtless choir

    But I’ll be lookin’ just fine

    Cause my smile’ll shine

    And I hope that

    Neighbors are kind.

    Feeling heavy this mornin’

    Trust me, nobody minds

  • May 11th, 2023 - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY WEEKEND!

    Jeff was tasked with singing some Carrie Underwood, perfect cause she’s a great mom!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Sing Along!

    This one goes out to all of the mothers

    Kids midnight scream and cry in bed

    You step on a LEGO and another,

    But you make it to them, kiss on their head

    When you don’t hear a noise, swear you say “oh boy”

    And you run to come find your kid

    Making you a card, with glitter and stars

    Carpet ruined it’s morbid

    I wanna say it’s Mother’s Day

    Even when they throw up, they want to hug Mo-may

    Through good days and bad, through parties and sad

    To all the mom’s, you are the bomb

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  • May 4th, 2023 - STAR WARS DAY!! With Parker McCollum's Newest #1

    May The Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars Day! Jeff Kurkjian had to take this epic song and remix it to add some galaxy far far away!

  • Here's Jeff's Version!


    I went and bought a baby yoda and a big a case of beer

    Drop my butt right on the sofa, Disney Plus real loud my neighbors can hear  

    Watchin’ all the movies, oh yeah, one at a time

    Gonna see if I can make it through The Last Jedi

    May the fourth be with you, and also to you throughout the year.

    Greedo and Han Solo, who shot first, oh we don’t know.

    But we do know today is our day

    If you like the first trilogy, more than what’s come recently

    It don’t matter cause it’s the fourth of May

    After you watch every movie and felt all the highs and the lows

    The party always continues, cause tomorrow’s cinco de mayo!

  • April 27th, 2023 - NFL DRAFT IS TONIGHT but make it Dierks!

    Jeff was challenged to take Dierks Bentley’s most recent smash hit, “Gold,” but sing all about the upcoming NFL draft.

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing Along With Jeff!!

    We got pick 30, and we also got pick ten

    It’s the NFL Draft, pickin’ up rookies again.

    Will we trade em? Give a pick so we don’t spend

    All of our money Super Bowl is the end

    New football season is in Philly it’s a hoagie not a roll

    Another big year for the birds, feel it in all our souls

    It’s Jalen Hurts ride or die, TDs not field goals

    Yeah, it might be April, but we want a Super Bowl.

    Jason Kelce he is back, he never seems to get old,

    Yeah, it might be April, but we want a Super Bowl.

  • April 20, 2023 - Prom Season Along With Bailey Zimmerman

    Such a huge song for a new guy to the country music scene! Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Here are the lyrics to sing-a-long!

    Flower shops have been waitin’

    For this month because now it’s prom season’

    Call the dentist, must get rid of my braces

    Lots of pictures

    I just gotta go ask her we could go together

    Get to her front door then I meet her mom and father

    He’s holding, a shotgun…

    Because it’s prom and I’m nervous

    Dancing leave room for Jesus

    Boo-ton-ear how do I pin this?

    Can your mom help us please?

    Will I get my first kiss?

    Or heartbreak I get ditched

    Damn, I’m so nervous

    Maybe I’ll be prom king?

    Will this be the best night of my life?

    Because it’s prom and I’m nervous

  • April 13, 2023 - Taylor Swift's Break-Up Singing Taylor Swift

    Wow, Jeff Kurkjian is going to be singing Taylor Swift early on a Thursday morning. And it’s her first HUGE hit!!

  • Here's Jeff's Version

    Here are the lyrics to sing-a-long!

    He said, “no way these fans are nuts.”

    Drives him crazy says they’re just too much,

    She said, “bye, good luck!”

    Get back into your Tesla truck

    All the Swifties say, “go get… out”

    She’s ours again, yeah that’s right.

    And now we right there beside her hot girl summers on

    We all are prayin’ that she starts to date Zac Efron!!!

    But when we say Joe Alwyn

    I bet you think, “oh who’s that guy?”

    Dated T-Swift till she said “bye!”

    Now Swifties boycott his one film

    When you think that she’s the best

    You’re probably right but who is next?

    Maybe she’ll be come the bachelorette

    Oh that’s dramatic T-V!

    When you think Taylor Swift

    You forget Joe Somebody.

  • April 6, 2023 - Easter Is SO CLOSE, Let's Get Tyler Hubbard

    The original song is SO FREAKIN’ GOOD!

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Here are the lyrics to sing-a-long!

    After three days

    He rose from the dead, rose from the dead

    We celebrate

    With Easter eggs, with Easter eggs

    Almost Sunday! Where’s the bunny?

    He’s getting out to lay all of those eggs

    With some cash and candy

    Yeah, we can decorate

    Just dye those eggs with your family

    Or maybe we can make a lamb cake

    Sounds great, ah yeah

    Take you to Easter with fam-ly

    Church Sunday morning with me

    Kisses from cute old ladies

    Pinch your cheeks like your a baby

    And then it’s when the sun sets

    We drink wine and toast Jesus

    You’ll never wanna miss it 

    And never wanna not be

    At Easter with my fam-ly

    At one we watch the Phillies

  • March 30, 2023 - Going, Going, Gone With Phillies Opening Day!

    I mean, it’s pretty obvious right because the PHILLIES START THEIR SEASON TODAY!

    Here’s the original…

  • Here's Jeff's Version!!

    Sing along with the lyrics!

    Baseball is back in Philly guys.

    Oh yeah, this year will be fun

    We were oh so close last season

    But this is our year and I’ll give you a few reasons

    Turner, Kyle, Bryce and of course Bohm

    When a run scores at the bank

    It’s like a yeungling cracked with your best mate

    We’re all their cheering on our guys

    Even in the heat of July

    Like a left field homerun from Hall

    Followed up by a big SCHWAR-BOMB

    Phillies, we missed you and baseball

    This offseason’s is going, going, gone

  • March 23, 2023 - These ALLERGIES Are Killing Us All

    Colleen wanted Jeff Kurkjian to sing about all of the sickness going around (specifically allergy season). Amazingly and fitting, Andie was actually out sick the day we did it!

    Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    You can sing along!!

     Everybody’s asking what the hell happened

    When they see my face all puffy

    Like I always say, “It’s allergy season

    That is why my nose is so stuffy”

    And I’ve got only one good nostril, I could use some soup. 

    So I’m gonna complain gotta headache in my brain

    But I’ll tell you oh wait AACHOO!

    Need a tissue, it’s the worst, just load me in the hearse

    This could be my last day on earth,

    Nasal drip down my throat, not to mention all the bloat

    People say it’s worse than child b irth

    Cause I’ve gotta man cold, I’ll tell you the hell that I’m going through.

    I feel like this is the end, my sinuses in my head

    The worst allergies AKA dead!

  • March 16th, 2023 - Jeff Sang His Tune from A Cruise Ship

    Jeff Kurkjian is away on a cruise vacation, but that doesn’t mean he won’t deliver a Ten Minute Tune! He created a medley, here are the songs he used.



  • Here's Jeff's Version - Cruise Ship Medley

  • March 9, 2023 - WHERE IS THE SNOW? Sung To Morgan Wallen

    Only the biggest country artist right now, Jeff is going to give his best Morgan Wallen on this one and see if can do it. Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    You can sing along!

    What’s goin’ on, weather?

    Thought we’re in this together.

    It hasn’t snowed in a year.

    Hopin’ for precipitation 

    No snow days for our children

    I miss my post shovel beer.

    PJs inside out, trying all the tricks,

    We need a big big storm like it’s ’96

    Where is the snow?

    I can’t make Frosty with mud and leaves noooo

    I need a Twenty Ten Snowmaggedon

    Where did it all go?

    I think it all got wasted back in Buffalo…

    I mean at least we made the Super Bowl

    I know it exactly where it comes from

    The clouds are just acting dumb

    Don’t they know we really want a storm

    Where is the snow? Ain’t nobody know? Where is the snow?

  • March 2nd, 2023 - National Women's Month and LAINEY WILSON!

    Yep, he has to sing like the amazing Lainey Wilson for this one!! Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Attempt At Lainey

    Yeah, he had to drop down an octave halfway through!! Here are the lyrics.

    I love my wife and I love my mom

    But they’re not the only ladies in this song

    I gotta make a list

    Great women, Mrs. or Miss.

    I gotta think about the all time best

    Like Rosa Parks, Queen Elizabeth, 

    Those everyone knows,

    They beat out all the bros.

    Amelia Earhart

    Georgia O’keefe with her art

    These ladies they paved the way

    For all the girls that are alive today! 

    We’ve got an awesome gal that is Shannon!

    Then Andie Summers we’re all a big fan and 

    Let’s not forget about all the grand champions

    All the moms out there getting by

    Do it better than a guy.

  • February 23rd, 2023 - Lent and Parmalee

    Jeff was tasked with remixing “Take My Name” by Parmalee but singing about giving things up for lent. In fact, Andie added the challenge of throwing in some things that XTU Nation is giving up this season.

    Here’s the original:

  • And Here's Jeff's Version

    What do you think Parmalee will think about this one? Here are the lyrics.

    Ash Wednesday, I was there last night,

    Lent’s begun time to make things right,

    What should I give up this year?

    Help me out, should it be beer?

    I hope you don’t think that I have a problem,

    I just really like to scroll

    On my phone all night, bright light in my sight

    But no more of my phone that’s the goal

    Maybe you, want to take something on

    Donate blood, become a donor, shoutout Bob

    Yeah, don’t be snacking at my work

    Jen says it’s the worst, what are you giving up this year?

    Take my ham, and you can take my cheese,

    I’m through eatin’ deli meats

    Never been so fit before

    Only forty days? I’ll take forty more!

    Take my chocolate, baby, take my wine

    No just kidding, I’m a mom of five

    I need all of those things to survive.

    Take my kids for just one night.

    Take my kids for just one night.

    Take my kids for just one night.


  • February 16th, 2023 - Presidents Day/Long Weekends

    Well, aren’t they best?? Plus, Autumn, who made the suggestion, got to take home tickets to see Kane Brown at his show in Philly in June!! Kane Brown’s “Thank God!” Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing A-Long With The Lyrics!

    I am tired, I need a way to charge me up

    I need a weekend, oh yeah a long one, yup

    Yeah, I’ve been hearin’ it from my boss

    Yeah you know I’ve had enough.

    I’m going crazy

    Weekend save me

    Car on the highway

    Finally it’s Friday

    But I couldn’t ask for more

    Wait, presidents worth thanking God for

    So, thank Lincoln

    Cause Monday we don’t have to go to work

    And thank Teddy

    Cause now you won’t answer emails from that jerk

    And thank Kennedy,

    Cause now you can chill out with your dog,

    All weekend long yeah it’s the bomb, so’s this song

    Thank God President’s Day!

    Thank God

    Thank God for the USA!

  • February 9th, 2023 - SUPER BOWL!!!!

    The Birds are in the Super Bowl and Jeff has been tasked with singing all about it! The song? What My World Spins Around by the one and only Jordan Davis. Here’s the original!

  • And Here's Jeff's Version!

    Sing along with the lyrics!

    I love a first sip of my beer glass the O line’s album on

    It may be Christmas but I won’t miss this Super Bowl jawn.

    I love the matchup of the brothers Travis versus Jason

    Kansas City Chiefs and the Eagles man this’ll be fun

    And I love a first down in a desert town with goal to go

    And I love a Hurts juke, defense is spooked, ha ha you’re too slow.

    And I love a party with my family and the drinks they flow,

    Philly, this game won’t even be close

    The way that it feels, AJ Brown catches a T-D

    The way that we dance when the Birds win on T-V

    Hey do you remember, Super Bowl win, twenty-eighteen

    I can hear now our defense say,  “we’re going to disney”

    And Patrick Mahomes and his bro going home to some sadness,

    I can’t imagine that feeling, we’ll win this

    Back ninety years, our team they broke ground

    When they fly back to our happy town,

    Super Bowl champs we will crown.

  • February 3rd, 2023 - ANNIVERSARY SHOW TUNE

    Yes, Luke Bryan will be headlining our Anniversary Show and Jeff is singing all about it with his song, “Country Girl.”

    Here’s the original…

  • Here's Jeff's Version!

    Here are the lyrics!

    Hey Philly, anniversary show
    You know you’ve gotta get your tickets
    On June 23rd let’s jump in your truck
    Anniversary show, time to turn it up
    Gonna stomp my boots out on the lawn
    Gonna watch Luke Bryan, I’m in love
    Drinks up in the air then we toast beers clatter.
    Up on his shoulders, it don’t matter
    Luke’s gonna be great
    Yes we can’t wait
    To watch him move his thing
    Shake it for the girls bucks county in the pavilion
    For the Del-Cos rockin’ here in Camden
    Luke Bryan singin’ play it again
    C’mon, c’mon, c’mon
    Shake it GO BIRDS, shake it for Phillies
    Shake it for the Flyers, Sixers and all of our teams
    For the mummers and for Jersey and the girls
    Shake it to the Schoo-kull, shake it till you hurl
    Aw, Philly girl, shake it for me
    Girl, On June Twenty Three
    World, shake it for me
    Philly girl, shake it for me
    Girl, Luke Bryan makes you
    Twirl, shake it for me

  • January 26th, 2023 - Beers On Me All About Beating Brock Purdy

    Tracy called in and challenged Jeff to singing “Beers On Me” by Dierks Bentley, HARDY and Breland but remix it all to talking about playing the 49ers in the NFC Championship game!

  • And Here's Jeff's Version!!

  • January 19th, 2023 - "The Team That You Love"

    A bit of remix of Justin Moore’s “A Woman You Love” but this one all about THE BIRDS!

  • Here's Jeff's Version Getting You Pumped For The Eagles In The Playoffs!

  • January 12th, 2023 - Jeff Gives His Shot At JELLY ROLL!

    With the topic… NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS! Here’s the original.

  • Here's Jeff's Version Of "Son Of A Sinner" With New Year's Resolutions

  • January 5th, 2023 - Jeff Was Challenged To Perform Some Morgan Wallen

    He had to remix it to reflect all those going through “Dry January.” Here’s the original…

  • Here's Jeff's Version of "You Proof" About Dry January

  • December 2nd, 2022 - Jeff Gives Us His Best Luke Combs


    And the topic? The World Cup! Here’s the original!

  • Here's Jeff's Version of "The Kind Of Love We Make" About The World Cup

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