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Creepy girl

Big props going out to a couple of young folks in Pottstown, PA.

According to 6abc, Sammy Green was walking home after school when he noticed a woman following him. She asked him about his family, told him she knew his father, and said that Sammy should go with her to Wawa and she’ll buy him whatever he wants.

Shaken, Sammy thought quickly. He ducked into a local store called Dani Bee Funky, walked up to the clerk, Hannah, and told her to pretend she’s his mom because a woman is following him. Hannah, who is only 17-years old got between Sammy and the woman who was still standing in the door. Hannah pushed the door closed and locked it, then called police.

Bravo to Sammy and Hannah for their clear heads and quick thinking.

Sammy says every time he sees the security footage, he cries.