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How to Perfectly Carve Your Turkey for Thanksgiving

How to Perfectly Carve Your Turkey for Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Americans everywhere are concerned with one thing: the turkey. Leading up to the delicious holiday, we research, study, and watch endless videos on how to cook the perfect turkey for your family. It's a lot, along with endless mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mac and cheese, and more. Not to mention the fear of accidentally creating a Thanksgiving horror story. It's a lot to handle, and we tip our hats to the chefs in the kitchen on Thursday morning. Once you sit down surrounded by the people you love the most, eating a warm and tasty meal, it's all worth it. Carving The Turkey Then comes the crucial moment: the carving. The pressure is immense and the stakes are high. It's the main event of the holiday and the centerpiece at the table. Thankfully, our friends at Embers Smokehouse and Tap friends rescued The Andie Summers Show from this anxiety. Donnie was very concerned about carving the turkey in his new house this Chefs Scott and Alisha from Embers visited the XTU kitchen to school Donnie and Razz and teach them how to carve your turkey the right way. Scott and Alisha graciously prepared and cooked three juicy turkeys to bring in for practice. Even John O'Hurley, mostly known for his role on Seinfeld as J.Peterman and the host of the National Dog show, stopped by for a bite! And he approved! Watch the Facebook Live coverage from The Andie Summers Show for great tips and tricks. On Thanksgiving, please send us your turkey photos! We would love to know if you cut it like Scott's turkey, Razz's turkey, or Donnie's turkey. Happy Thanksgiving from the XTU family and the staff at Embers Smokehouse and Tap.