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Jason Kelce in a Diaper while Travis Autographs his … hahahahaha

If you’re a listener of their podcast “New Heights,” you might remember hosts and brothers, Jason and Travis Kelce, made a maybe-not-so-friendly wager about which one of them would go further in the playoffs. Both the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs were headed to post season, but at that time no one imagined the brothers would face each other in the Super Bowl. Well, they did, and as a Philly fan it still saddens me to admit that Travis’s Chiefs won. That doesn’t negate the bet these two made to each other WAYYYYY back before the playoff started. And earlier this week it was time to pay up.

The bet was that if Jason’s Eagles went further, then Travis would have to shave a Yeti in his chest hair. Conversely, if the Chiefs made it further in the playoffs Jason would have to shave his head, wear a diaper, and Travis would sign his head with a Sharpie.

So, there’s a backstory to this. In a previous episode of New Heights, the brothers talked about the strangest thing they had ever been asked to autograph. Travis seemed a bit jealous of Jason’s item – a baby. Yes, Jason Kelce was asked to sign someone’s baby. That’s why they came up with the idea of Jason dressing like a baby for Travis to sign his head.

We all know how the Super Bowl turned out. Travis’s Kansas City Chiefs beat the Philadelphia Eagles, thereby going further in the season. So, this week, in their first ever live edition of the podcast, Jason shaved his head, wore a diaper, and Travis signed his forehead.


Love you, love your show!