The Andie Summers Show

Shannon from The Andie Summers Show checked out the Mummers Parade on New Years Day in Philadelphia. Let us tell you the costumes from Mummers Parade this year were incredible. Very very special day in our city.

Costumes From Mummers Parade

What is the history of Mummers Parade and why do we celebrate in this way? That’s a great question we have along with many other Delaware Valley residents. The history is rich in this city and Mummers Parade is no exception to that.

According to the Mummers Museum website, we’ve been doing this for quite some time. “The Philadelphia Mummers Parade is the oldest continuous folk parade in the United States.  The first formal, city-sponsored parade dates to 1901.  But Mummery in Philadelphia began long before that.  Mummers can be found throughout recorded history in ancient Egypt, in Greece, in Europe and elsewhere in the world.”

What Are The Divisions?

There are five divisions the Mummers are vying for top prize in. They are The Comic, The Fancy, the Wench Brigade, the String Band and the Fancy Brigade Divisions. In fact, Jeff Kurkjian from The Andie Summers Show sang about this storied tradition during his Ten Minute Tune that he wrote just a couple day before the new year.

Hear that amazing song right here. He took Nate Smith’s “World On Fire” and only sang about the amazing tradition that happens on the first of every single year.

You can hear more Ten Minute Tunes RIGHT HERE, if you enjoyed that one, we know you will find some others that you will love.

Mummers Parade 2024

Shannon was front and center checking out all of the action and took some photos for our enjoyment. Big shoutout to coworker Jacky Bam Bam (2023 1st place prize winner) for stopping and taking some pics with Shannon.

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