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Phone rings, door chimes, and “Company” enters the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia on November 28th. Brian McKay got to talk with Britney Coleman about what it’s like to reinvent the role of “Bobby” as a woman.

“Company” is the winner of 5 Tony Awards, including Best Revival of a Musical. And now it’s coming to Philadelphia on the show’s national tour. Helmed by Tony Award-winning director Marianne Elliott, this new production of the musical comedy is a modern take on a classic.

For one, the lead role has gone from “Bobby” to “Bobbie.”


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It’s Bobbie’s 35th birthday party. Her friends have questions. “Why isn’t she married?” “Why can’t she find the right man?” and “Isn’t it time to settle down and start a family?” As Bobbie searches for answers, she discovers why being single, being married, and being alive in the 21st century could drive any person crazy.

The show will spend time at The Forrest Theatre from November 28 to December 10, 2023. Check out the Forrest Theatre’s website for more details about the show. Also, buy tickets while you’re at it!

Ahead of the production’s arrival, Brian McKay chatted with star Britney Coleman about herself and the show. She plays “Bobbie,” and had a lot to share about the show.

  • How Long Has She Been A Part Of 'Company'?

    David Socolar as Theo and Britney Coleman as Bobbie in the North American Tour of COMPANY.

    “I joined the Broadway company when it moved to Broadway from the West End, so that would have been 2020- no 2019…We started rehearsals and got into previews right before the entirety of Broadway shut down in March. I think we were about ten days away from officially opening our show. So we basically got sent home and they said, you know, ‘Get ready to log in on Zoom or do some Zoom rehearsals. And we’ll be back in four weeks and we’ll open our show and then have our run.’ And that clearly not how it worked. So we were kind of in this holding pattern for a year or so. And then we were one of the lucky Broadway shows to come back to Broadway. Some shows didn’t return, and we were lucky enough to come back and officially open. And we had a beautiful run on Broadway.”

  • Did She Get To Meet Stephen Sondheim (The Show's Original Writer)?

    0231 - The North American Tour of COMPANY.

    “Yeah, he did come to one of our final previews before we officially opened on Broadway, and that was really, really special.”

  • What Did She Do To Prepare For Her Role As Bobbie?

    0759 - Britney Coleman as Bobbie (center) and the North American Tour of COMPANY.

    “The script is almost entirely intact. The only thing that’s changed are the pronouns. Which is kind of amazing how well it still fits and how contemporary it feels…And I don’t know, I feel very close to Bobby. You know, I’m the same age. I’m not married. I don’t have any kids. And that’s kind of our resounding theme in this version of the show is a 35-year-old woman without kids is going to have an interesting time on her 35th birthday compared to me. And so, yeah, I didn’t have to do much to prepare.”

  • What Are Her Thoughts On The Song 'Being Alive'?

    0380 - Britney Coleman as Bobbie in the North American Tour of COMPANY.

    “That song, when it’s taken out of context, is just it’s so different than when it’s in context in the show…So the lyrics start, you know, someone to hold you too close to, someone to hurt you too deep. When she’s singing to her friends and then when it’s her just alone…And, you know, I just take it be by the I mean, for me, it’s almost like a prayer.”

  • How Long Will She Be On The Road For 'Company'?

    0197 - Britney Coleman as Bobbie, Matthew Christian as David and Emma Stratton as Jenny in the North American Tour of COMPANY.

    “We are slated to tour for about a year or so up through October of 2024. So we’re just getting started.”

  • What Is A Benefit Of Being On Tour?

    0147 - James Earl Jones II as Harry, Kathryn Allison as Sarah, Britney Coleman as Bobbie and Judy McLane as Joanne in the North American Tour of COMPANY.

    “I’m just thrilled that the show is going on tour. Because, when we were at…the Jacobs Theater in New York, it was a it was a very intimate, smaller space. And so many of these houses that we’re playing are nearly twice the size of what I’m used to seeing on Broadway. And to just be alone with my thoughts on a dark stage with numbers and involving thousands of people in this moment is really, really moving and very vulnerable.”

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