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When it comes to an amazing gender reveal, this one should be at the top of the list, without a doubt.

I’m Jeff Kurkjian from The Andie Summers Show and my wife and I are expecting our first child in August of 2023. We are absolutely ecstatic to become parents, it’s something we’ve always wanted. And some local students helped with the gender reveal.

I mean, c’mon man, doesn’t it look like we need a baby in this World Series photo??

We Got The Help Of A Local Middle School

Thanks to our friends at Sandy Run Middle School, we were able to put together an amazing song to reveal the gender of our baby to the rest of the The Andie Summers Show.

Andie, Donnie and Shannon showed up to the school for our video filming but had NO IDEA how the gender would be revealed. Little did they know… it was coming in the way of a t-shirt.

Sandy Run Middle School

Thanks to the amazing students in the 7th & 8th grade choir class, we were able to reveal the gender of Jeff Kurkjian’s baby in the coolest way possible… with a song! [Jeff Kurkjian] via BMG Philadelphia

What Is A “Classroom Cover?”

I have been doing this for quite some time. I think the importance of music in schools is understated for our students. I grew up in choir and theater and it shaped me into the man I am today.

I started visiting schools and singing with them as a way to show school programs how awesome these students and programs are! I take a hit country song we play on 92.5 XTU, and then I rearrange it to fit the choir, they rehearse and then we make a music video!

If you know a school that would be perfect for our next one, sign up here!

  • Remember When Jeff Told Everyone That They Were Expecting?

    It was done with the “Secret Box” with clues every single morning. They had NO IDEA!

  • Do You Think It'll Be A Boy Or Girl??

    Here Are The Guesses From The Andie Summers Show

    Andie: Girl

    Donnie: Girl

    Shannon: Girl

    So they seem certain that it was a girl, but Facebook had a different story. Over 80% of those who saw the teaser photo (with Donnie jumping in the air) thought it was a boy!

  • Here's The Moment The Surprise Happened!

    Donnie jumped SO far in the air. Both Andie and Shannon cried. Got your guesses?

    Sandy Run Middle School

  • Were They Right? HERE'S THE VIDEO!!!!

    Let’s find out by watching the Classroom Cover starring students from Sandy Run Middle School singing a special secret song.

  • Thank You Ashley Homestore For Your Support!

    They are the BEST!

    Ashley Homestore

  • What About The Baby's Name??

    I told our whole morning show that we are naming our baby after a President of the United States! I took the time to write out each president (and names that go with each one). Check it out below and make a guess!

    President Baby Names That Are So Cute
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  • Let's Watch Another Classroom Cover

    This in fact is the very first Classroom Cover we did with Twin Valley Middle School. We sang Dan + Shay’s “Glad You Exist.”

  • How About Some Kelsea?

    We performed “half of my hometown” with Our Lady of Mercy!

  • George Washington High School Took On Jimmie Allen!

    “Down Home” was such a fun song to perform!

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