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Animal shelter resorts to drawing pets when camera breaks…

Let’s talk about just how much effort workers at animal shelters put in to make sure their furry friends find forever homes. Workers often busy themselves cleaning and disinfecting cages. They provide food and water for their little buddies. They get their friend socialized with other animals as well as counseling potential adopters to make sure humans know what they’re getting into. Don’t forget about walking and playing with these fur-babies, too! Often times volunteers and shelter workers jump in to help with veterinary care such as vaccinations and reworking, not to mention all the paperwork. And then there’s the pictures …

Workers at animal shelters rely on photos of pets in their care to post on social media and websites in the hopes of tugging at the heartstrings of the perfect potential adopter. So, what happens when an animals shelter’s camera breaks? They do what they can to get those adorable pets out to the community for adoption, even if it means they have to draw them.

It happened it Ottawa. And I can only imagine the panic among the staff when they realized the camera they use to post photos of their adoptable pets was no longer an option. This Humane Society takes their job very seriously.

According to the Ottawa Humane Society’s website:

Each year, we care for thousands of sick, injured and homeless animals, providing leadership in animal welfare to help build a compassionate community and a brighter future for our community.

No camera? No post.

No post? No adoption.

What are they to do? Someone on the staff had a great idea of drawing the animals and posting those images, and I have to say they did a great job. Check it out!

  • Mojo

    This guy is a huge hit!


  • Addison

    Believe it or not, Addison is a pug.

  • Pumpkin

    Who needs a camera when you can create this “pumpkin?”

  • Annie

    Not as “round” as shown. Hahahaha

  • Espresso

    I don’t know what technique was used to create this rendition, but it works!

  • Here they are in real life!

    Pretty good job, artists!

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