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As we get closer and closer to the end of October, you might be like a lot of people who are starting to turn their thoughts towards Thanksgiving. For many people, especially hosts, the stress is starting to build up. Well, there’s good news. Butterball is trying their best to relieve your stress in a brand new way.

The turkey company has just introduced their first-ever Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Comfort Calendar, which will offer 24 days of emotional support to those of you hosting this favorite holiday, as well as practical tips and more. The countdown to Thanksgiving will begin on the calendar November 1st, and will include tips like when to shop, when to begin thawing the turkey, how to prep and more, plus there will be reminders for hosts to take “me time” so they don’t get too stressed.

The limited edition calendar is available on the Butterball website for a limited time, but if don’t snag one, you’ll still be able to see the daily tips and recommendations on Butterball’s Instagram starting November 1st, which happens to be the same day Butterball’s annual Turkey Talk-Line reopens for its 41st year. Also on the Instagram page, Butterball will announce gift card giveaways to Headspace, Instacart and Spafinder throughout November.

Check out these real Thanksgiving Disaster Stories:

  • Dressing Disaster

    We usually went to grandma’s for holidays but my mother was a good cook and when she undertook her first hosting of Thanksgiving when I was around 10 years old, everything looked and smelled perfect. The beautifully roasted bird was paraded to the table to applause and the carving commenced. Perfect sliced turkey and spoonfuls of stuffing were passed around the table. If we had one less person sitting at the table, we would not have witnessed the steaming bag of giblets that came out with that last spoonful of stuffing. Poor mom. Took her years to get over it – probably because we still bring it up every year. ~Francine

  • For the Dogs

    My wife’s uncle hand just got in one of the first home smokers.
    He had to get up to start the bird at 4 AM.
    He had to add more charcoal & wood every couple of hours.
    All was going well, the smell of the smoke had us all salivating.
    Ever thing was set up inside, all that was left was to bring in the bird.
    when he went out to bring in the bird, he found the smoker on its side
    and no bird in sight.
    He heard sounds coming from the dog house and found the dog having A turkey feast. ~Stuart

  • Less is More

    My former roommate was the type of guy that always needed to impress. We were having 8 guests, and he really wanted to make a big to-do. He purchased an extra-large, 30# turkey for the event. He also purchased one of those disposable roasting pans made of aluminum foil, the kind with handles on the sides. After several hours of cooking (and multiple glasses of scotch), he opened the oven door to remove the turkey. I could see he was struggling and offered assistance, but he insisted he was fine. The laws of physics disagreed. As he removed the pan (sans the suggested cookie sheet or other recommended supporting device) by the handles, it collapsed inward, spilling the drippings onto the floor and (unfortunately) back into the oven. The resulting fireball was apocalyptic. My roommate lost his hair, eyebrows, and goatee — and also learned three unfortunate lessons.
    1. Less is more.
    2. Cooking under the influence usually turns out badly.
    3. You can never fully remove the evidence of a massive grease fire from the ceiling of your apartment.


  • Blame the Blender

    Friends from oined us for a special Thanksgiving dinner. All four of us highly anticipating giblet gravy! Chopped up all the giblets, threw them in the blender with the pan scrapings and drippings from the turkey. Couldn’t find the clear plastic removable cap for the center of the blender lid…? Hand over the blender, blending away, to a strange grinding sound. The clear cap was IN the blender, with all the delectable giblets, now blended. ~Carol

  • Lizzy Borden Holiday

    Imagine the scene – hours and hours of elaborate cooking, the table is gorgeous, the family is gathered. The turkey is brought out, it is glorious. I begin to carve, steam rises, the slices fall beautifully. My knife hits the meat thermometer which I have somehow neglected to remove. It glances aside and hits my left thumb. Blood, blood, blood. I am rushed to the emergency room. Hours later, I return to the scene. The family has dined. Food and dishes rest exactly where they were at the close of the meal. There is still blood everywhere. It looks as though Lizzy Borden came for the holidays. I love my family, but they are still unforgiven for that. ~Cassidy

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