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Dad donates kidney to son, but had to lose nearly 80 pounds to do it. Read the story here and scroll down to hear listener Bob’s amazing story.

When a Canadian dad was told he needed to lose weight to save his son, he didn’t just step up to the challenge – he crushed it. According to CBC, Daniel Kablutsiak lost 79 pounds in order to become an organ donor for his teenage son, Hunter. The 16-year-old was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease in 2020, and a new kidney would greatly improve his quality of life.

The Story:

Daniel wanted to donate his kidney to Hunter. He wanted to fill the role of dad donates kidney to son. But at 274 pounds, he would need to lose at least 74 pounds to qualify as a donor. Through “determination, love, and stubbornness,” he focused on diet and exercise. He cut back on sugar and walked at least three miles every day or hit the gym when it was too cold or when polar bears were on the prowl (a common problem in their Canadian village). Daniel reached his goal in 13 months, weighing in at 195 pounds.

Daniel is accepted:

In March, Daniel was accepted as an organ donor for Hunter, and the life-saving transplant is scheduled for June. The news has already had a positive effect on Hunter. “His spirit went up, his energy,” Daniel says. “I can see the glow in his face like some kind of relief or something.” Daniel continues his healthier lifestyle and hopes to inspire others facing challenges to make necessary changes in their lives. “Whatever it is, just put your mind into it and go for it,” he says. “If I can do it, anybody else can do it.”

Perhaps you have “Organ Donor” on your drivers license. That means you agree for your organs to be harvested in the event of your death. Country star Granger Smith‘s little boy’s organs were used to save the lives of two adults.

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  • Listener Bob's Story

    This story inspired listener Bob to call The Andie Summers Show to tell us about his experience in donating a kidney to an absolute stranger. It’s a remarkable story. Worth hearing. If you’d like more information on the charity Bob’s kidney recipient started click HERE

  • Become an Organ Donor

    Becoming an organ donor is easy. Sign up online through your state registry or in person at your local motor vehicle department. If you have an iPhone, you can use the Health app. It sends your information to a national computer system.

    Here’s how to become a Living Organ Donor.

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