Just to preface this article… I was born in 1985 so this is a list of athletes during my time that I could not stand.

Ughhh…. Scott Rolen has made it into the Hall of Fame.  Remember when he didn’t want to resign with the Phillies.  He was booed for the rest of his career when he came back to Philly. He turned down two contracts to remain with the Phillies back in 2002. 7 years, $90 million and then 10 years, $140 million.

Philly fans get a bad rap because of incidents that happened decades ago.  Every fan base has their bad seeds but Philly seems to always be the topic of national conversation… At this point, I’ve just accepted it.

Since Scott Rolen made the Hall, I created a list of other athletes over the years that I just don’t like.


  • Scott Rolen

    He didn’t want to play for the Phillies anymore… He turned down 2 huge contracts and the Phils ended up trading him. Boo this man!

  • Billy Wagner

    This dude threw gas!  He was known for hitting 100 on the radar and we loved him when he was a Philly. He went on to play for the Mets and trashed the Phillies and the city as much as he could.  Also, he stole the “Enter Sandman” walk out music from Mariano Rivera.

  • Andrew Bynum

    Everyone was excited when the Sixers got Andrew Bynum.  He never played a minute for the Sixers.  He stole $16.9 million and never played!!  And, remember the bowling incident where he hurt his knee even further.  Get this dude out of here!

  • Adam Eaton

    This dude plain stunk!  He got booed during the World Series parade ceremony.  He stole money and he was not good.

  • J.D. Drew

    He could be #1 on the list.  He was drafted by the Phillies but never played for the club.  His signing bonus was to be $10 million and the Phillies didn’t want to pay it because that is a ridiculous amount of money.  He and his super-agent Scott Boras decided to play an independent league.  This guy was the worst. Maybe the fans took it to far by throwing batteries at him when he played in Philly


  • Carson Wentz

    He was an MVP caliber player back in 2017.  He was injured a bunch and then started whining when the Eagles drafted Jalen Hurts to be his backup.  He quit on the franchise so we quit on him.

  • Ben Simmons

    Do I really need to type anything out about this crybaby?  I think if you are reading this, you know exactly why I and all Philly sports fans dislike this guy.

  • Jalen Reagor

    First of all, this isn’t all his fault.  He was drafted ahead of the Vikings Justin Jefferson who is arguably the best receiver in the game.  He never panned out, he dropped many passes, he complained

  • Tiki Barber

    He was a fantastic player for the Giants… He retired and then the next year the Giants won the Super Bowl.   There is no specific incident but he was thorn in the Eagles side for years.

  • Roy Williams

    This is the Cowboy Roy Williams.  The horse collar tackle on T.O. still bothers me.  T.O. missed about 6 weeks because of a broken ankle but still came back like a beast in the Super Bowl.

  • Jeremy Shockey

    I could not stand this guy.  He was an amazing player with the Giants but he was arrogant and he bothered me and a lot of other Eagles fans.

  • Troy Aikman

    He was good and played for the Cowboys.

  • Michael Irvin

    He was good and played for the Cowboys.

  • Emmit Smith

    He was good and played for the Cowboys.

  • Eli Manning

    What Eagle fan didn’t hate this guy?  He won 2 lucky Super Bowls and he was just annoying.  I actually like him now because of the stuff he does with his brother Peyton but when he was a NY Giant, BOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • Tony Romo

    I think it’s safe to say that if you play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, you will be on this list.  I didn’t even hate Romo that much but he had that dumb jersey on so he makes the list.

  • Dak Prescott

    This is the exact same case with Romo.

  • Kiko Alonso

    He was a meh player.  Chip Kelly thought it was a great idea to trade the Eagles all-time leading rusher LeSean McCoy for this guy.  He stunk!

  • Markelle Fultz

    Former #1 overall pick.  We could have had Jaysom Tatum who is playing at an MVP level right now.  He got the yips and literally couldn’t shoot a basketball for months/years.  We don’t like him very much!

  • Jonathan Papelbon

    I believe he is the Phillies all-time saves leader and was a very good player but…… He was not a good dude.  He was always saying something dumb and he just never got over with the fanbase.

  • Chip Kelly

    He is not an athlete but he is hated here in Philly.  The dude completely dismantled a franchise in less than 3 years.  Trading away LeSean McCoy, letting DeSean Jackson walk are just 2 of the awful things that man did here.

  • Sidney Crosby

    The guy is an absolute stud on the ice but he is an absolute baby.  If you are a fan of the Orange & The Black, you can’t stand Pittsburgh’s #87.

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