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This will without a doubt inspire you to do something good today! A fire department mows lawn for an elderly neighbor, SO SWEET. This is without a doubt a Cup o’ Joy story for you.

Last Friday, an Austin Fire Department fire engine crew noticed a 95-year-old man struggling to mow his lawn in South Austin and decided to do something to help him. The C-shift crew from Engine 6, consisting of Lieutenant Matt Avery, Fire Specialist Eric Lupton, and Firefighters Wilson Rivas and Gus Wienhold, promptly stopped the vehicle and jumped out to give the elderly resident a hand.

They Decided To Do Something About It

Austin EMS and Firefighters Battle Effects Of Continued Heatwave In Texas

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

Firefighter Rivas worked quickly to mow the hilly front yard while his colleagues assisted. Twitter user @epialla caught the firefighters in the middle of their good deed and tweeted a video of the act of kindness. She tagged the Austin Fire Department’s Twitter account and they retweeted the video, receiving thousands of views and likes.

Onlookers Loved It!

Commenters on the post applauded the firefighters for their dedication to the community and praised them for their “excellent service to humanity.”

I think this speaks volumes to the men and women of ALL service that help our communities. They go above and beyond the call of duty every single day just to make our lives safer and better.

Scroll Down To See The Video Taken By Neighbors

And the best part is, they didn’t do this for the clout or for the attention. In fact, it really was just some neighbor who took the video of the good deed and put it on social media. Then it BLEW UP BIG TIME and for a good reason.

Shoutout to the Austin Fire Department for this good deed. GOOD ON YOU!! Thanks.

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