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Holiday shopping before Halloween? What is this world coming to? It turns out half of holiday shoppers start their shopping before Halloween. Let’s get you started with a few lists to make your gift-giving a little easier!

You get annoyed to see Halloween decorations in stores before school starts. And God forbid you see Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving. But it turns out you are the one rushing things, not everybody else.

A survey by Bankrate, about half of holiday gift givers start their shopping before Halloween.

  • 26 percent start shopping in October
  • 12 percent plan to start in September
  • 12 percent start their holiday shopping in August

While Black Friday might traditionally be the start of the holiday shopping season, it looks like half of us are almost finished by then. Thirty-seven percent of holiday shoppers still plan to start in November and 13-percent will wait until December (men no doubt0>

If August, September, and even October seem too early to start your holiday shopping, Bankrate senior industry analyst Ted Rossman says:

It’s actually very smart to start thinking about holiday shopping well ahead of time. If you haven’t already, begin putting a list together of what you want to buy and how much you can afford to spend.

Make a Plan to Save

Most of us are actually doing a good job of planning to save money this holiday season. According to Bankrate, 87% of us plan to us some sort of money-saving strategy, whether it be buying fewer items, looking for coupons discounts, or sales, or start their shopping earlier so the burden is spread out.

Who Feels the Strain Hardest?

Parents of younger kiddos definitely feel a bigger financial burden than parents of adults and adults without children.

In Store or On Line?

You guessed it. A vast majority of us will be ordering our gifts rather than schlepping through the stores. (This is why our malls are closing) Only about a quarter of holiday gift-givers plan to buy their gifts in person.

Cash or Card?

Duh. But I have to be honest. I really though this number would be higher. According to Bankrate, only 53% of holiday shoppers plan to pay for at least some of their purchases with a credit card. Of those people, more than half plan to pay it off before interest accrues.

Ready to start holiday shopping before Halloween?


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