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Tis the season to be merry – but I find myself confused when it comes to deciding how much to shell out as a tip for the service providers in my life. What do you get the world’s best mailman or the stylist who hears your deepest, darkest secrets every 6 weeks?

Below are some guidelines from that can help you decide how to fill that envelope.

  • According to Ms. Etiquette herself (Emily Post), here are some things to consider:

    • The quality and frequency of the service you receive.
    • Your relationship with the service provider.
    • The number of years you’ve been using the service.
    • Your budget: You should never feel obligated to go beyond what you can reasonably afford.
  • Child Care

    Babysitter: Average day/evening pay for regular sitters and a small gift from your kids

    Nanny: 1-2 weeks pay + small gift from kids

    Daycare / Child Care Center: $10-30 or small gift from kiddos

  • Hair stylist

    Cost of 1 session

    Although they do say that if you tip all year long, don’t break your bank at the holidays.

  • Coffee Shop Barista

    About $20 if you see them often.

  • Dry Cleaner

    (I honestly didn’t even think of this!) $10-20 or a homemade good

  • Fitness Instructor

    Cost of one session

  • Trash Collector


  • House Cleaner

    Cost of one session (if they come regularly)

    Small gift if infrequent

  • PETS!

    Pet Sitter: $20-50

    Kennel Staff:  Homemade or Handmade gift

    Pet Trainer: cost of one session

  • Nail Salon Technician

    Cost of one session

  • Postal Worker / Mail Carrier

    Food, such as baked goods, or non-cash gift worth less than $20

  • School Bus Driver

    Small, non-cash gift

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