CMA Crashers

CMA Crashers

Jeff Kurkjian and Justin crashed the CMAs and got to talk to all of our favorite artists. When they found out that we are Philly’s Country Station, we had to talk Philly sports. In fact, it came up quite a bit while they were interviewing artists.

Philly Sports With Our Artists

Some of them had good things to say about Philly sports, a lot of them had not so good things to say about Philly sports. As you might imagine, a lot of them are from Texas, Tennessee, Georgia and so on. That means a lot of fans of teams other than the Philadelphia Eagles. See the interviews below.

CMA Crashers: Why Jeff And Justin Were There

The two left on Friday, November 3rd and drove across the country from Philly to Nashville in order to see what kind of magic can happen for them in Music City during CMA week. If you want to see them visit Dollywood or the Birthplace of Country Music Museumclick here and follow the CMA Crashers page.

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What Is The “CMA Crashers”

Last year, the Andie Summers Show won the CMA for Major Market Broadcast Personality.  Andie & Shannon were invited to fly to Nashville and accept the award while being able to interview a ton of artists.

This year, XTU was nominated for Major Market Station of the Year.  I believe this is the 4th straight year of being nominated for Major Market Station of the Year and unfortunately, we did not take home the Win! Super bummer!

How can you not have XTU down at the CMA Awards?  That would be a travesty!

So…What did we decide to do?  Shhh, don’t tell anyone.  We decided to Crash the CMA’s.  Jeff Kurkjian from The Andie Summers Show and XTU weekend DJ extraordinaire Justin Franiak will rent a car and drive down to Nashville.  And they did it!

Talkin’ Philly Sports


  • Travis Denning

    We are deeming him a newly minted Eagles fan because he is very outspoken about his favorite college team, the Georgia Bulldogs. And the Eagles, as we all know well, are the basically Georgia 2.o with players like Jordan Davis, DeAndre Swift, Jalen Carter (to name a few) now playing for the Birds.

  • Chris Young

    We talked with Chris Young the day after the Week 9 matchup between the Eagles and Cowboys. Now obviously, we all remember that the Eagles beat the Cowboys in a close battle at Lincoln Financial Field. But Chris Young didn’t want to talk too much about the team, but loves one of our players.

  • Chris Lane

    Not necessarily Eagles but Phillies chat with Chris Lane. Justin got a little heat because Chris Lane is a know… wait for it… Atlanta Braves fan. Which, as we remember, the Phillies have knocked them out in back-to-back playoffs now. Let’s see how this one goes.

  • Parker McCollum

    We love us some Parker McCollum. He said he doesn’t love the thought of playing at Citizens Bank Park because his team has gotten beat there quite a bit BUT he does like a couple Philadelphia athletes a lot.

  • Dan + Shay

    We talked about the chairs from the show The Voice and how they are custom made, more on that here. But Justin also tried to get them to give us a “Go Birds” even though they are Steelers fans!

  • Matt Stell

    He loves the new pitch clock that MLB enforced this year. I feel like this is a widely unpopular opinion but towards the end of the season, there was not complaining, just at the beginning. Here’s more with Matt.

  • George Birge

    The connection here is that he went to the same high school as a PHILLY SPORTS LEGEND! He may not be a fan of the Eagles but he has to root for this guy. Find out who it is here!

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