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Every Monday The Andie Summers Show reads a note from a member of XTU Nation asking for advice. We’ll only take 3 calls to get the answer he/she is looking for. Will you be chosen? Will you agree? Make sure you join the show on Mondays just after 7 a.m. on 92.5 XTU!

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James writes:

I’ve had a crush on my good friend’s ex now since long before they even started dating. She’s so cool and she’s always been really nice to me. When my friend was dating her, I felt like he never really appreciated her. Now that they’ve broken up and for a few months now, I’d really like to ask her out, but I don’t want to disrespect my friend especially since there’s no guarantee that she would even want to go out with me. Should I take the chance and risk my friendship for a girl that I’ve liked for a long time. 

Listen to the verdict…

  • "Was It Wrong To Tell My BF I Danced With A Coworker?"

    Maddie writes:

    I work in a pretty big office and we had our holiday party Friday night. It was a blast. It was at the office, but it was catered with a bar and DJ, and it was so much fun to let loose with my coworkers.  We weren’t allowed to bring guests, so my boyfriend wasn’t there, and he freaked out when I told him I danced with one of my coworkers. I mean, it was just a dance. Did I do the wrong thing?

    Listen to the verdict…

  • Three Calls End It All "I Can't Afford To Take My In-Laws Out To Dinner"

    Eric sent us an email:

    My wife and I have an issue and need XTU Nation’s help. Her parents, my in-laws, are staying with our two kids all week while my wife and I travel for work.

    We told them that on Friday when we get back, we want to take them out to dinner, our treat, as a thank you. My mother in law said that she made a reservation for us at this amazing but really expensive steakhouse in town that she’s heard great things about. This place is extravagant to say the least and as young parents, we just aren’t in the place right now to be spending $400 on dinner and wine. Do we ask them to cancel the reservation and we will pick a different place or do we just order side salads and not get wine and bite the bullet? HELP!

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Do I Set Up My Daughter With My Friend's Son?"

    Lisa writes:

    “Hey guys, love you love your show, I need some help. I was chatting with my best friend over the holiday weekend and she told me that her son doesn’t have a date for his winter formal in a couple weeks. My first thought was that my daughter should go with him, they are the same age and have known each other since they were five years old, now they are both now 17.

    My only concern is I know that he’s been crushing on my daughter forever and I know my daughter would gladly go but she’s not into him in that way. Now I’m worried if I set this up, he will get the wrong impression of what is going on here… even if we say they are going “just as friends.” 

    I want him to have a date but don’t want to break his heart if he gets the wrong idea! Do I suggest it and set it up or just stay out of it?”

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "I Found Out This Guy Is Dating Another Woman"

    Hannah writes:

    My son is a sophomore in college. He and his girlfriend last year went to her parents for Thanksgiving and he came back home pretty intoxicated. He said that they gave him wine at the dinner table with Thanksgiving. I personally think they overserved him. 

    This Thursday, they are going back to her parents for dinner, and I want to call her mother and ask her not to serve my underage son alcohol. My husband, however, says that that will embarrass him and we should talk to our son about drinking in moderation or, in this case, saying no when asked. What do we do? Call her mom and take the wine out of the equation altogether or talk to our son and trust him to make the right decision?

    Listen to the verdict…

  • Three Calls End It All "I Found Out This Guy Is Dating Another Woman"

    Morgan writes:

    I moved to Philly a few months ago and started going to this gym where there was this really hot guy I would drool over. We started talking and we went out together a couple times a week for about a month or so – we were together a lot and I really liked him. It all ended one night we were out and I posted a selfie of us. He basically scolded me and made me take it down. I was like, “whaaaaa?” and now he’s ghosting me.

    Well, the other day I overheard a woman in the locker room talking about her date with him and I thought – ah-ha! He’s making his way around this place! Should I say something to her?

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Should I Put Only Fans On My Resume?"

    Meredith on Facebook writes:

    I lost my job at the beginning of the pandemic. Fortunately, my husband’s salary was enough for us to get by and I’ve made some money doing gig work online, but now I’m ready to get back in the workforce and continue on my career path. Do you think the gap in my work history will hurt me with potential employers? Would it be appropriate for me to tell the whole story about working on sites like Only Fans on my résumé?

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Do I correct my child's teacher for saying her name wrong?"

    Kara on Facebook writes:

    My baby girl goes to daycare – and it’s a great daycare. But the woman who works in the baby room calls my daughter by a nickname that I find disrespectful and I’m not sure how to handle it. 

    My daughter’s name is Matilda. We call her Matilda, Tillie or Tilda, but never Mat. That’s what the daycare worker calls her. Mat. As in: Oh, Miss Mat had a great day today! Or “Mat and I are going to have such a great day today!”I know she’s attached to my baby, and for that I’m so grateful. My husband said Matilda is just a baby and she won’t remember, so no harm no foul. But every time she calls my baby girl Mat I actually feel something pop in my head. It. drives. Me. crazy. Do I say something? Or just let it go?

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Do I Tell My Husband What To Get Me For My Birthday?"

    Carolyn on Facebook writes:

     “My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and typically my sweet husband does his best to get a thoughtful gift for me, but it’s rarely what I really want or would buy for myself. Should I just be proactive and tell him exactly what to get me or do you think it’s better to let him do his best on his own?”

  • "Do I Help My Friend With Her DUI?"

    Quinn on Facebook writes:

    “I’m 23 and still live at home with no plans to move out until at least after I finish school in a year or so. A couple of months ago, my BFF got another DUI and lost her license. My parents asked me why and I told them her car broke down. Now she wants me to get my dad to help her get her license back and I can’t help her because I’ve already lied to them. She asked me to tell them the truth, but I don’t want to upset them. Should I fess up to my parents or tell my friend that my dad can’t help her?”

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Should I Push My Step-Son or Back Off?"

    This week Dave writes… 

    “My wife’s son is 20 and still lives with us. He goes to school part time and works part time. He’s actually a really great kid and we get along well, but he’s not very serious about his schooling and doesn’t seem to have any interest outside of gaming. I try to encourage him to think about what he would want to do for a career, but he just doesn’t have any motivation to change his current situation. My wife says leave him be, he’ll figure it out, and he’s really not a burden, but my gut tells me I’m doing him a disservice by letting him be. Should I push him more or back off?

    Listen to the verdict…


  • "Do I Tell Women Why I Really Got Divorced?"

    This week Ryan writes…

    “Hey guys, so I’m embarrassed to be even sending this but could use some help. I’m a divorced 40 year old, no kids. My first wife and I broke up because I was unfaithful. That was her hard and fast rule, once she found out, it was over. I made a mistake, and I paid for it. I’ve been dating for the last ten years with no luck. My first relationship was good but once we were close enough for me to tell her about the real reason of my divorce, she broke up with me. Another girl I dated was mad that I wasn’t more up front about it from the beginning saying I lied cause I didn’t tell her. I’ve struck out five total times with semi-serious relationships because I didn’t tell them up front but I feel like that isn’t the answer either. Do I tell girls straight up from the beginning as to why I got divorced or wait like I have been only to have them feel slighted?”

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Do I Change My Adopted Daughter's Last Name?"

    This week Tom writes… 

    “Tragedy struck our family about a year and a half ago when my sister and brother-in-law passed away. My wife and I took in our niece and are going through the adoption process to adopt their now two and a half year old. Now here comes a bit of controversy. We have four kids now (three of our own and our niece). We want to legally change her last name to our family’s last name, which is her mom’s maiden name, since she’s part of our family. The baby’s grandparents on dad’s side are not happy with this at all and feel it’s very disrespectful. We want them to have 100% access to their grandchild whenever and wherever we are. I like to think we have been very accommodating towards them throughout this difficult time but having a child with a different last name has been a difficult hurdle at times and we also don’t want her to feel singled out too much. The grandparents have us now debating whether or not changing her last name is the right idea, can we get some advice, should we not change her last name when the adoption goes through officially or keep it the same?”

    Listen to the verdict…

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  • "Should I Say Something To My Son or Keep My Mouth Shut?"

    This week Judy writes…

    My son, who is 24, has been dating this girl for about three years. We absolutely love her and love them together however, I am very worried about what she’s asking him to do. A year ago, his girlfriend asked him for some money to invest in her social media business and he did it. I told him not to, he got mad at me for butting in and did it anyway. He’s seen no return on it. He just got a very big new job, much bigger paychecks and since then, she’s asked him to invest again to help her really get it off the ground.

    I’ve already told him not to and he got mad that I told him my opinion but I’m really worried that he’s going to start depleting his savings when he really shouldn’t be mixing business with pleasure. Should I say something again or keep my mouth shut?

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Do I Have The Right To Be Angry? It Is My Wedding."

    This week Caley writes…

    I’m so glad you started this three calls thing because I could really use your input. I feel like I’m going insane (!) and I know your audience can help. I trust them. Okay. Here it goes …I got married a few weeks ago and at the wedding my cousin announced she’s pregnant. I thought it was completely inappropriate and after a couple drinks I may have mentioned that to a few people, so it got back to her and now she’s mad at me. She accused me of being jealous and self-centered and that crushed me. Honestly, my heart is really happy for her and her husband, but why did she have to tell everyone at MY WEDDING?! I feel petty being so sensitive about it, but, God willing I’ll only have one day to be the bride and she upstaged me. 

    Do I have a right to be angry? Thanks. I hope you pick my story. 

    Love you, love your show –Caley in Collegeville

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "Do I Take My Girlfriend or My Best Friend To The Prom?"

    This week Hunter writes…

    “I am a senior in high school and I am dating a freshman. She’s super sweet and everything but I just have a feeling it isn’t forever. One of my best friends who has been with our friend group since kindergarten is the only person that doesn’t have a date. My girlfriend isn’t really close with any of my senior friends and I know she has plenty of time to go to proms in the future and I want to ask my friend so she has a date and an awesome time at her senior prom. Do I have to take my girlfriend or can I take my best friend to prom?”

    Listen to the verdict…

  • "My Sister Wants An Apology From My Husband After SHE Humiliated HIM"

    This week Megan writes…

    My sister recently announced her engagement and while everybody congratulated her my husband turned to her fiance and said “good luck, you’ll need it marrying her”.  Now my sister is mad at me for not defending her in the moment. 

    Btw – My husband and sister have been at odds with each other for about a year – ever since she sat the family down and falsely accused him of cheating on me. 

    Do I owe her an apology? Or is this really her own fault after humiliating my husband?”

    Listen to the final verdict…

  • "I found my friend's husband on Tinder"

    “I’m a single girl living in the Delaware Valley. I am on quite a few dating apps and recently I saw a man on one app, I recognized his face immediately but not the name. I know his face because he’s married to a girl I went to college with. We aren’t really friends but more acquaintances. I am certain it was him though cause I follow her on social media. I am wondering if I should reach out to her and let her know I saw her husband on there or just keep quiet about what I saw?”

    Listen to the final verdict…


  • "How do I get this EXTREMELY personal item back from my boss?"

    Danielle left a very personal item in the backseat of her boss’s car after he agreed to drive her home. Does she ask for it back or forget about it?

  • "Is it took risky to ask out my coworker? I think she likes me."

    “I want to ask out one of my coworkers. She’s beautiful and kind of flirty with everyone, but I definitely get the vibe that she’s into me. I don’t think it would be out of line or unexpected to ask her out but if things don’t go well I’ll still have to see her at work and work with her every day. Is this too risky for me to pursue a romantic thing? Or should I just go for it?” – James

  • "Is it wrong to demand my husband unfollow his ex-girlfriend on social media?"

    “My husband and I have been together for ten years. He’s only really had one significant girlfriend other than myself. She dumped him and broke his heart. We are very happy but I recently found out that he still follows his girlfriend on social media. I don’t know what to think. When I ask him why, he says I’m just curious to see what she’s up to, but I don’t buy it. I asked him to stop following her, and he refused. Should I be worried? Am I wrong to demand he stops following his ex-girlfriend?” – Sarah

  • "Should I Ask My Subscribers To Donate To My Daughter's Fundraiser? It Will Guarantee Her Win."

  • "My Buddy Broke Our Glass Table, Do I Ask Him To Pay For It?"

  • "Should I Name My Son Jack Daniels?"

  • "Do I Miss My Grandson's Baptism For The Super Bowl?"

  • "Do I Tell My Girlfriend That I Am Not Proposing On Valentine's Day?"

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