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XTU Nation, we need your help in settling a debate…

Every Monday The Andie Summers Show reads a note from a member of XTU Nation asking for advice. We’ll only take 3 calls to get the answer he/she is looking for. Will you be chosen? Will you agree? Make sure you join the show Mondays just after 7am on 92.5 XTU!

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This week Danielle from Delco writes…

“My friends and I were shopping on South Street over the weekend and ducked into a bar for a bite and drink before we Ubered home. While at the bar I ran into my boss and a few of his friends and they invited me to join them. So, my friends left and I hung out for a while with my boss and his wife who insisted on driving me home … All was fine until I woke up Sunday morning and realized I left my shopping bag in the backseat of their car. In the bag was a purchase I made that I do not want to share with anyone because it’s personal. And for my pleasure. So, now what do I do? Do I ask for it back or chalk it up as a loss?”

Listen to the final verdict…


  • "Is it took risky to ask out my coworker? I think she likes me."

    “I want to ask out one of my coworkers. She’s beautiful and kind of flirty with everyone, but I definitely get the vibe that she’s into me. I don’t think it would be out of line or unexpected to ask her out but if things don’t go well I’ll still have to see her at work and work with her every day. Is this too risky for me to pursue a romantic thing? Or should I just go for it?” – James

  • "Is it wrong to demand my husband unfollow his ex-girlfriend on social media?"

    “My husband and I have been together for ten years. He’s only really had one significant girlfriend other than myself. She dumped him and broke his heart. We are very happy but I recently found out that he still follows his girlfriend on social media. I don’t know what to think. When I ask him why, he says I’m just curious to see what she’s up to, but I don’t buy it. I asked him to stop following her, and he refused. Should I be worried? Am I wrong to demand he stops following his ex-girlfriend?” – Sarah

  • "Should I Ask My Subscribers To Donate To My Daughter's Fundraiser? It Will Guarantee Her Win."

  • "My Buddy Broke Our Glass Table, Do I Ask Him To Pay For It?"

  • "Should I Name My Son Jack Daniels?"

  • "Do I Miss My Grandson's Baptism For The Super Bowl?"

  • "Do I Tell My Girlfriend That I Am Not Proposing On Valentine's Day?"