What Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie’s Takeover

Assistant Producer Shannon on The Andie Summers Show needs a dating profile makeover. She’s been on the apps before and experimented with different photos and prompts. Now, we’re helping her figure out what works best. We don’t need our girl to get more matches, rather we want her to get quality matches. How do we achieve that? It’s time for The Andie Summers Show to step in.

What Is Hinge?

Let’s start with what a Hinge profile looks like. Below, you’ll find the layout of the dating app, Hinge. To complete your profile, you must include 6 photos and 3 prompts of your choosing. You can also add in a voice message or a poll. Other users can then like or comment on specific photos or prompts. Unlike Bumble or Tinder, you cannot just “like” the whole profile. Once someone likes or comments on something specific from my profile, you’ll get a notification for a new like. From there, you have the option to respond or reject that person based on their profile. Hinge is the app designed to be deleted, so hopefully the rest is your future love story.

Let’s Make It A Competition

Jeff Kurkjian, Donnie, and I know our girl Shannon the best. We decided to turn this into a competition. Each week, a member of The Andie Summers Show will “take over” Shannon’s profile. She started last week by sprucing up her own profile using tips from XTU Nation. Now it’s my turn. After a week of using my profile, Shannon will calculate all of her matches. Listen to The Andie Summers Show weekday mornings to hear the results.

See more of Julie’s tips here.

Check out Shannon’s profile.

Check out Jeff’s profile takeover.

Check out Donnie’s profile takeover

Check out my version of Shannon’s profile below.

  • Photo #1


    I love this photo of Shan because, even though she is posing, it looks natural. The CMA backdrop gives the impression she is somewhere most people don’t have the chance to visit, which makes it a great conversation starter. 

  • Prompt #1

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    Shannon is a big fan of comedy. She loves SNL and stand up comedians. If you can make her laugh, you’re off to a good start.


  • Photo #2

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    Besides the fact that Shannon looks beautiful in this photo – it’s one of those: IYKYK. She is in the London Eye which gives you the impression she loves to travel and it is a great convo starter.

  • Prompt #2

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    They say everyone has a type. This is Shannon’s type. Tall. Like, really tall. With a mustache.

  • Photo #3

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    Jelly Roll is the biggest musician in several different formats right now – and that is really the only reason I chose it. He is amazing and if he’s going to put his arm around Shannon – it says she must be awesome, too.

  • Photo #4

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    Shannon is a lover of pups and this photo shows it. And, OMG, that dog!

  • Prompt #3

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    I don’t want to say too much about this one because I want you to try to play along. Which two sentences are true and which is a lie? It’s worth the conversation …

  • Photo #5

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    I included this photo of Shan with (these guys) because she was so stinking excited when they came into the studio. If anyone looking at her profile recognizes them and loves them as much as she does, it’s a match made in heaven.

  • Photo #6

    Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie Takes Over

    I love ending the photos with this photo of Shan and Gritty having a moment. 1 – Shannon is a huge Philadelphia sports fan. 2 – I think it sums her up perfectly. She’s all about having fun without being a crazy goofball.

  • Shannon's Profile

    Check out Shannon’s updated profile using tips from XTU Nation.

    What Works Best on Dating Apps: Shannon’s Hinge Profile

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