What Works Best on Dating Apps: Shannon’s Hinge Profile

Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m the Assistant Producer on The Andie Summers Show. Out of Andie Summers, Jeff Kurkjian, Donnie, and myself, I’m the only member of the show who isn’t married. I’m also not currently dating anyone and heading to the dating apps.

I’ve been on the apps before and experimented with different photos and prompts. Now, I’m trying to figure out what works best. I’m not looking for more matches. Instead, I’m looking for the right matches. I find myself responding to people who comment and begin a conversation with me over just liking a photo and leaving the rest up to me. As I always say, quality over quantity. How do I achieve that?

Let’s Make It A Competition

I went to the people who know me best, Andie, Jeff & Donnie from The Andie Summers Show. I asked them for their help in choosing the best photos of me and writing the prompts they think will get me the right matches. How did I convince them to participate in this? Let’s turn it into a competition. Each week, a member of The Andie Summers Show will “take over” my profile.

What Is Hinge?

Let’s start with my profile. Below, you’ll find the layout of the dating app Hinge. To complete your profile, you must include 6 photos and 3 prompts of your choosing. Other users can then like or comment on specific photos or prompts. Unlike Bumble or Tinder, you cannot just “like” the whole profile. Once someone likes or comments on something specific from my profile, I get a notification for a new like. From there, I have the option to respond or reject that person based on their profile.

See more of Julie’s tips here.

Check out Andie’ profile takeover.

Check out Jeff’s profile takeover.

Check out Donnie’s profile takeover.

  • Photo #1

    Works Best on Dating AppsI’ve been told that the first picture on your dating profile should be a single picture of you smiling. I like this photo of myself and I think it represents my personality – cozy, Friends-fan, welcoming.

  • Prompt #1

    Works Best on Dating Apps

    These are my favorite things! If you like just one of these things on my list, or can at least agree with me, we should make a good match. I love drinking tea, my apartment is mostly decorated with items from thrift stores and plants, I love going to comedy shows, and I’m mostly wearing sneakers.

  • Photo #2

    Works Best on Dating Apps

    After a week of having this profile, no one used this picture to like. If I had to guess, men would rather like a picture where it’s just me, so I know that they are interested in me.

  • Photo #3

    Works Best on Dating Apps

    This is one of my favorite photos of myself. I love wearing this color because it makes my eyes pop. And of course, beer is my go-to drink. When someone wanted to like my profile, this is the most-liked picture from the rest.

  • Prompt #2

    Works Best on Dating AppsI like this question because it invites men looking at my profile to respond and start a conversation. I can always round out someone’s sense of humor or creativity from their answer.

    My answer to this prompt? I’m unthankful for the months without a long weekend holiday. I think we deserve one Monday off more often.

  • Photo #4

    Works Best on Dating AppsIt’s only right to include a picture of a wedding (that’s not your own) on your dating profile. This picture also did surprisingly well when it came to “liking” my profile.

  • Prompt #3

    Works Best on Dating AppsMy absolute top fear. I think it’s unusual and creative. I love finding another fellow weirdo who shares this worry.

  • Photo #5

    Works Best on Dating AppsI only included this picture to make it look like I actually have friends, which I do and I have the picture to prove it! It’s also taken from my funky digital camera, which absolutely no one on the dating app has asked about.

  • Photo #6

    Works Best on Dating AppsThis is the last photo on my profile. It shows I like to travel. I hope it’s obvious that this was not taken in Philadelphia. Again, I’m in my sweater, staying cozy.

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