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Build A Bear parties always seem like a wonderful idea. Gives the kids something to do, that they are super excited about and everyone gets to take something home at the end of the party. But not all the parties go so smooth, sometimes a Mom like this does something diabolical.

A mom took to Reddit over the weekend with an extremely upsetting Build-A-Bear birthday party. The Morning show told the whole story this morning and you can listen to that here along with other party disasters in Philadelphia.

This mom took her six-year-old daughter to a Build-A-Bear birthday party with eight other kids

The kids had cake and pizza at the food court, then they went over to the store. All the kids were having a great time adding on all the accessories.

As the party came to a close, the birthday mom made an announcement that shocked all the other parents. The friends mom announced that the kids needed to give all their animals to her daughter.

Obviously all the kids got pretty upset and angry about the situation. But ultimately they handed over their animals. The birthday girl wasn’t even being nice about it. One little boy didn’t want to and the friend ripped it out of his hand

The Mom thinks she probably should have said something, but didn’t. All the parents seemed pretty baffled too. And who can blame her.

Ultimately the Mom decided to go back to the store and let her child make another bear but what do you even do in this situation.  Read the whole story here, but Moms beware of bratty kids at Build A Bear.