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AHHH!  How exciting!  NBC’s hit show “This is Us” is filming in Philly and we have EXCLUSIVE pics!

Here’s how we got the scoop.  My best friend was at the Art Museum this morning for a video shoot with the Phillie Phanatic.  They wanted to shoot something with the Phanatic running up the steps, but when they got there, it was blocked off.  They had no idea why, UNTIL THEY SAW… STERLING K BROWN!  In case you need a refresher, back in Season 3, Sterling’s character, ran…and won…a very coveted Philadelphia City Council seat!  So it only makes sense that Randall (AND BETH AND THE GIRLS) are here filming!  Sidenote, congrats to Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, who just got engaged!

Someone who writes for “This is Us” must be from Philly, b/c if you remember, they also shot another scene in Philly too, when Kevin was with Terry Gross from WHYY!  

Check out the exclusives pics below of the crew filming on the Art Museum steps (Sterling had to keep running up and down the steps and it was so hot, he was sweating, so the production crew had to keep using a hair dryer to dry him)!  THEN the best pics, Sterling was so surprised to see the Phanatic he stopped to snap some pics!


Our friend Hughe Dillion aka Philly Chit Chat posted an Instagram video of them also shooting at Rita’s on South St!  There were spotted a few other places too, CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS!


Here’s a scene of Randall and the election!

This is Us returns to NBC on Sept 24!