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Well, get the tissues out cause you’re going to need them when you watch this amazing video.

Players in little league get game balls all the time, especially when they have a day like this young man had, but you don’t expect them to just give them away!


He dedicated his first home run to his grandpa ❤️🥺 (via carrierdamon/IG) #baseball #wholesome #grandpa #family

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Note From Jeff Kurkjian, Newest Member of The Andie Summers Show:

I spent years as a little league umpire after a very unsuccessful baseball career of my own as a kid. I loved being at the park all day on a Saturday just being part of the game again. I would umpire all year long in high school and summers while I was in college. Age 15 to 22 I took to the field with all of my gear on to do what I love.

A couple of things I learned behind the plate are the exact lessons that we learn in the video above; baseball is romantic. The sport, in my humble opinion, is truly America’s Game and it is shown in the sportsmanship at the ballpark.

Unfortunately, I’ve seen way too man instances of people taking this sport too seriously while their kids are on the field. Listen, I understand that you want the best out of your kid but yelling and screaming at them, their teammates or the umpire, well that isn’t going to help.

In fact, a big part of why I stopped playing was having a coach that was relentless towards us. I mean, c’mon, we are bunch of kids on a REC league baseball team and he’s acting like we are on a battlefield. So my advice is, just remember that the players are kids, the coaches are parents and the umpires are humans, so treat them all by who they are in life, not who they are on the field!

Okay, getting off my soapbox now.