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I stopped at Walmart on the way back the Eagles tailgate last night and in the parking lot was what sounded like someone’s really good sound system in their car playing jazz of some kind.  Then I realized it was an Elvis song.  Upon further investigation I saw a man with a big speaker playing electric violin in the parking lot!  He was so good!  I have never seen anything like this, especially in Delco.  People watched curiously and some even threw a few bucks in the bucket.  I took a little video (below) and posted on social media.

Thanks when I friend of mine sent me a note saying it’t not real!  These guys are faking it!  They are, for lack of better term, lip synching the violin,  Playing along to a professionally recorded track!  What?!  Is that true?  A quick Google search confirmed, yes it’s a scam!  It’s happening all over the country. It has now arrived in Delco!  Either way, it was fun to see and hear that kind of entertainment in the Walmart parking lot.  Check out the video and keep an eye out for fakers in the area!