No Power? No Problem! What to Do with the Kids When the Power is Out

What to do with the kids when there's no power. We all love a snow day - especially when you are a kid. Having a day off school is the best gift any kid could ask for! When it is a snow day there are plenty of things your kiddos can do. Make a snowman or have a snowball fight. You can go sledding, and of course shovel. Or, you might just want to hunker down, make some delicious snacks, and watch movies or binge your favorite series. No snow. No power. Now what? But what happens when school is canceled because of a power outage in the rain? That adds another level of frustration to parents. Not only are your kids home and not at school, they are bored without their devices and they can't exactly go out and play in the ... mud. We can't even make our favorite food because we do not have a gas range. I suppose I could try to make something fun on the grill if it is not raining like crazy. I'll have to mention this to my kids because they will be thrilled to learn that even I have trouble figuring out life without technology. Need to report an outage? Check these links: PECO & PSE&G What to do? As I write this, the temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. It is raining on and off and the ground is a swampy mess. Not to mention all of the downed trees, branches, and potential for more. So, what do you do with your kids when you have no power and you can't go outside? According to our listeners of XTU Nation, there are many things that can be done! And some of them actually sound like fun. I like to think of days like this as a RESET. It is a break from the norm and forces us to stop what we are doing and thing outside the box. Maybe you will scroll through these ideas and find something new your family will love. What to do with the kids when there's no power:

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