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There’s nothing easy about being a teenager today. I know, we all grew up with pressure; but how many times have you turned on the TV to watch the news or see a show and thought, if not said out loud, “thank God we didn’t have cameras on our phones when I was growing up?” Our teen years are supposed to be spent second guessing ourselves, our decisions, our friends, their decisions. It’s how we learn. But when we made a mistake so many years ago, it went away. Today, thanks to the internet, nothing goes away. There are no secrets. But there are Be! Boxes.

BernadetteThanks so much to Bernadette from Be! Boxes for stopping by The Andie Summers Show to talk about her life’s passion. Bernadette is giving YOU a chance to win a year’s subscription to Be! Box. Visit to enter your email address when prompted.

Scroll down to learn more and to see examples of past Be! Boxes.

Be! Boxes are the first subscription box designed specifically for pre-teen and teenage girls. Each box contains tools and products to help increase self-love, self-confidence and self-esteem. Be! Boxes are on a subscription basis because increasing self-love is not something we do overnight. It’s a practice…one that never ends. Each Be! Box comes with a reminder and a new set of tools to help young girls complete this practice regularly.​

  • Self-esteem is a basic human need ...

    Yet, 7 in 10 girls believe that they are not good enough or don’t measure up in some way, including their physical appearance.

    • Each Be! Box contains a guided mindfulness exercise designed to increase self-esteem. 
    • Mindfulness trains the brain to quiet the thoughts that cause us to lose confidence and get anxious.

    A girl’s self-esteem peaks when she is nine years old and then takes a nose dive.

    • Each Be! Box contains a crystal accessory. Crystals act as a power for healing. They allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. 

    Once it surfaces, low self-esteem invades every thought, producing ongoing self-defeating behavior.

    • Each Be! Box contains other fun surprises designed to re-focus your teen/pre-teen’s energy, establish a regular pattern of mindfulness, encourage self-care and wellness, and above all else, have some fun!!
  • The Be! Box Mission

    To inspire young girls to be themselves.

    To teach mindfulness.

    To increase self-esteem.

    To encourage self-love.

    To foster resilience.

  • What's In Each Box?

    Each Be! Box focuses on a positive attribute (Be! Confident, Be! Magical, Be! Brave) and is filled with information, inspiration, tools, and fun gifts to inspire teen and pre-teen girls to Be!

    • Education, exercises, and a link to a new mindfulness audio track

    • An authentic crystal/gemstone gift

    • A variety of full-sized wellness products designed to inspire and create joy in your favorite young lady’s life

    Priced affordably, our Be! Boxes make it easy for you to encourage a life-long lesson in self-love.

  • Be! A Dreamer

    Be! Box

  • Be! Brave

    Be! Box

  • Be! Happy

    Be! Box

  • Be! Present

    Be! Box

  • Be! Bootiful

    Be! Box

  • Be! True

    Be! Box

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