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Have you ever wanted to send a letter to Spider-Man? Well, it happened for years at one address and now those letters are on display in a museum in New York City. And they’re fantastic.

In a 1989 edition of the Spidey comic, Aunt May’s address was revealed, and over the last 34 years hundreds of letters have been sent there. But here’s what’s interesting, the family who lived at the address also had the last name Parker. You know, just like Peter Parker. Coincidence? Or something more …

The City Reliquary Museum now has an exhibit titled “Dear Spider-Man, Letters to Peter Parker.” It runs through April 2 and It. Is. Adorable. The letters to Spider-Man run the gamut from asking Spidey for advice to combatting crime.

What is The City Reliquary?

Its a museum that actually started as a window in a guy’s apartment. Back in 2002, people passing by would stop at Dave Herman’s window and look at all the things he had on display. Some even found the button he had installed …  According to the website:

With a push of the button, a recording of Dave’s voice would guide them around the display: two-and-a-half links of a “city hall window chain,” a set of dentures found in Dead Horse Bay, and Statue of Liberty figurines. On the building’s exterior, Dave carefully painted directions to nearby landmarks and subways. Orienting yourself toward the Williamsburg Bridge, which the directions note is 1.3 miles west, you face the heart of New York City.

This warms my heart because it’s a fun idea that obviously brought joy to those who saw it.

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