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Married people, you know that living with someone sometimes leads to finding out the weirdest quirks about them. For my wife and I, married just over a year, well she found something very strange that I do that I wasn’t aware of at all.

She took this strange picture of Jeff Kurkjian doing… we don’t know what!

See It Below!

Jeff and Emily Kurkjian

This Is Just Weird… Strange Picture of Jeff Kurkjian

So, backstory for you. For years, I always thought I was a stomach sleeper. That’s how I like to fall asleep and my back hurts in the morning like I’ve just slept on my stomach all night.

My wife says that’s just not true. She’s currently in the third trimester of her pregnancy so she’s up a couple times during the night. Pregnancy ain’t easy folks.

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I Didn’t Believe Her!

Naturally, I tell her she’s crazy. Then, she got a picture. This has been going on for months and she finally got a picture of it. To prove that she’s right!

We had to discuss on The Andie Summers Show!

  • Here's The Picture. WOW. This Is Strange!

    Can anyone explain what’s going on here? I was FAST asleep like this for hours.

    Jeff Kurkjian Sleeping

  • Check Out The Amazing Reactions


    Our Pregnancy Announcement: WATCH EIGHT AMAZING REACTIONS
  • Throwback To The Wedding

    MAN best day of my life without a doubt!

    Jeff Kurkjian’s Wedding Photos From April 30th, 2022

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