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The Winner of the Dating App Challenge is…

Hi, I’m Shannon. I’m the Assistant Producer on The Andie Summers Show. Out of Andie Summers, Jeff Kurkjian, Donnie, and myself, I’m the only member of the show who isn’t married. I’m also not currently dating anyone and heading to the dating apps. As I mentioned, the rest of the show is married, so they love hearing about my dating experiences, especially looking at my dating profile on Hinge. So much so, they thought they could create a better profile than the one I had been using. So we made this into a friendly competition and the results are finally in.

What Is Hinge?

Below, you’ll find the layouts of the dating app Hinge. To complete your profile, you must include 6 photos and 3 prompts of your choosing. Other users can then like or comment on specific photos or prompts. Unlike Bumble or Tinder, you cannot just “like” the whole profile. Once someone likes or comments on something specific from my profile, I get a notification for a new like. From there, I have the option to respond or reject that person based on their profile.

Let’s Make It A Competition

I went to the people who know me best, Andie, Jeff & Donnie from The Andie Summers Show. I asked them for their help in choosing the best photos of me and writing the prompts they think will get me the right matches. How did I convince them to participate in this? Let’s turn it into a competition. For the past month, a member of The Andie Summers Show has “taken over” my profile. At the end of each week, I tallied up all the points to declare the Ultimate Dating App Champion.

Below you’ll see each member’s profile along with my point system. 

1 point = 1 like

2 points = 1 comment

3 points = 1 Shannon matched & responded to a like or comment

  • Donnie's Takeover Profile

    What Works Best On Dating Apps: Donnie’s Takeover

    Donnie & Shannon have a special relationship. Donnie is the big brother Shannon never had and Shannon is the little sister Donnie never had. That being said, Donnie created Shannon’s profile from the eyes of her “big brother.” He wants someone to respect and appreciate her. Remember, if you want to date Shannon, you have to be on Donnie’s good side too!

    Donnie’s Results 

    Likes – 30

    Comments – 11 

    Respond – 3

    TOTAL – 60 

  • Shannon's Profile

    What Works Best on Dating Apps: Shannon’s Hinge Profile

    Shannon is not a rookie when it comes to the dating apps. After a year or two on them, she’s played around with different pictures and prompts to find out what works best. Her style when it comes to the apps is laid back and casual. She doesn’t have too much flex, but rather adds her humor.

    Shannon’s Results 

    Likes- 37

    Comments – 8

    Respond – 3

    TOTAL – 62

  • Jeff's Takeover Profile

    What Works Best On Dating Apps: Jeff’s Profile

    Jeff is a dating app king. Why? Because he married his first match from a dating app. His now wife Emily was his first and only match on Tinder. It’s truly a modern love story. With that being said, Jeff knows a thing or two when it comes to what men are looking for on the apps.

    Jeff’s Results 

    Likes – 37

    Comments – 9  

    Respond – 3

    TOTAL – 64

  • Andie's Takeover Profile

    What Works Best On Dating Apps: Andie’s Takeover

    Andie Summers is the Dating App Champion! Andie really led the competition in the amount of likes she had through Shannon’s profile. XTU Nation suggested that using a “ghost writer” works best when creating a dating profile. Andie chose pictures and prompts that highlighted Shannon best, and the men on Hinge obviously agreed as well!

    Andie’s Results – WINNER 

    Likes – 48

    Comments – 8 

    Respond – 4

    TOTAL – 76

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