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Maybe you have some time off for Easter.

Maybe you just need to do something other than your kids schoolwork and Tiger King.


I’m not here to judge – I want to help. Here’s my bucket list of which I plan to complete maybe three things. (Don’t forget to click to links so you can do them, too!)

  1. Paint Easter Eggs
  2. Go on or host an Easter Egg Hunt
  3. Enjoy some Peeps
  4. Plant some spring flowers
  5. Eat lots of jelly beans
  6. Make and send my mom and Easter card
  7. Make and eat ham
  8. Watch It’s The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
  9. Make Easter s’mores with Peeps.
  10. Make some bunny ears for the kiddos
  11. Make an Easter wreath
  12. Buy and eat more Peeps using try THESE recipes
  13. Make that super cool Peeps hat because you can never be too prepared for a Peeps emergency.