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My numbers are 2, 3, 12

Life sure is different than it was a year ago, but not everything that COVID brought into the world is bad. Check out this list and let us know which ones you’re doing.

  1. I ate more meals with family or members of my household: 41%
  2. I spent more time with my family / home: 37%
  3. Started a new exercise routine: 36%
  4. I learned something new about someone I live with: 33%
  5. Made more purchases online: 32%
  6. I taught a family member a new skill: 31%
  7. More tuned to the news – 31%
  8. I learned to cook a new family recipe: 29%
  9. Started a new hobby: 26%
  10. Focused more on nutrition for my / my family – 25%
  11. Virtually connected with my peers: 25%
  12. Focused more on sleep – 20%