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A couple kissing under the mistletoe, wearing gas masks.

Anxious about returning to dating after the world opens up again?

A new survey reveals that 78% of singles think they have forgotten how to date in person because they have been quarantining!

So, most of us are in the same boat. Here are some great tips from relationship coach Kat Harris.  She says, “Getting to know someone takes time,” she says. “Give a person three dates.”

Keep in mind:

  • First dates are like stepping off a curb, not a cliff. It’s just two people spending time together.
  • Remove the pressure to come up with an epic first date that seems like it’s straight from the set of “The Bachelor.”
  • Spend just an hour with your date. Your main goal is to decide if you want to see the person again.
  • Don’t try to assess whether the person is “the one” right away.

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