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Bruce Springsteen’s daughter is heading to the Olympics!

The United States Equestrian Federation announced yesterday that Jessica Springsteen was named to the United States Olympic jumping team. She will be competing with her horse Don Juan van de Donkhoeve.

At only 29 years old, Jessica is one of the top jumpers in the country according to her U.S. Equestrian biography. Jessica has previously represented the U.S. internationally on Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) Nations Cup teams. These included winning in Wellington, Florida and Palm Beach, Florida in 2020; Dublin, Ireland in 2014; and the FEI Jumping Nations Cup final in Barcelona, Spain in 2o18.

The American singer-songwriter’s daughter has been horseback riding most of her life.

“I started riding when I was really little. My mom had always wanted to ride so when we moved to New Jersey she started taking lessons,” she told PEOPLE. “Our home is right across the road from one of the top junior training barns – and I went right into that when I was a teenager.”

Jessica continued to say, “I started competing and doing the jumpers, then I turned professional. It all really happened pretty naturally.”

She made her first bid for the Olympics while still in college.

“It’s so much about timing and having the right horse at the right time, and have everything going well, so it’s definitely something that I’m working towards – and will continue working towards until I get there.”

This will be the first time Jessica is competing on the U.S. Olympic team. In 2012 she was an alternative rider for the U.S. Olympic team and did not make the list in 2016.

The jumping events in Tokyo are set for August 2-August 7.

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