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This year’s Thanksgiving may be the most expensive meal in the holiday’s history. Nearly every ingredient that makes up the average turkey dinner is facing price increases and product shortages. Dinner rolls, pie, coffee, and even disposable roasting pans cost more this year because of the pandemic. The average price-per-pound for turkeys is expected to shatter records. Turkey cost $1.15 per pound last year. This year, that price has jumped to $1.41 per pound

Other price jumps ….

Avocados up 31%.

Seedless grapes (black up 30%, white up 28%, and red up 19%).

Gala apples (3 pound bag up 24% and per pound up 22%).

Blackberries up 11%.

Honeycrisp apples up 10%.

Russet potatoes up 13%.

Pumpkins up 20%.

Baby carrots up 19%.

Packaged salad (10-12 oz up 18%, 5-9 oz up 12%).