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Applications for the job must be submitted by May 19th – the same day Fast X hits theaters.


8 Shows Going Dark Due To The Writer's Strike

8 Shows Going Dark Due To The Writer’s Strike

Members of the WGA are striking to fight for higher wages. Writer’s rooms are getting tinier, their demand is getting higher, and their pay is getting smaller. After being denied better working conditions and more pay, they’re taking to the streets to strike. Celebrities such as Rob Lowe from “Parks & Rec,” “Star Wars'” Mark Hamill, Marvel’s Elizabeth Olsen and Brett Goldstein of “Ted Lasso” have all stood with the picketers to support their strike.

Remember, a majority of the television shows we watch are scripted and need writers. The first step to creating a television series is writing a script. Without it, there is no “Ted Lasso”, or “Succession.” Most comedy series start writing for the next season in May and June, so we can expect shows like “Abbot Elementary” to have fewer episodes in their next season.

How The Strike Will Disrupt Television

The strike doesn’t just affect comedy and drama series, it also disrupts late-night television. Saturday Night Live, for example, was set for 3 more episodes in the season, with this week’s host being Pete Davidson. The sketch show heavily relies on its writers for content. As a result of the strike, the comedy is “going dark” for its last 3 episodes. SNL had their last 3 episodes set, and we’ll be missing out on some great hosts. Pete Davidson was set to return as an alum, and Keiran Culkin from “Succession” would be hosting a third time. Lastly, the hilarious Jennifer Coolidge, known for her most recent role in “White Lotus,” would have hosted the season finale. We’re missing out on great comedy.

Going dark means that a show will not be producing new episodes indefinitely. The last writer’s strike lasted 100 days, so we could see a number like that again.

These shows will be airing re-runs until a solution to the strike or further notice.