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We couldn’t believe, and you wont either, that after fourteen months of this engagement ring LOST, it totally turns up and surprises us all in an unlikely place.

There was no doubt that this would become a Cup o’ Joy story during The Andie Summers Show.

Cosmopolitan Honors Its Fun Fearless Males Of 2009

(Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

A man in Chino Hills, California, has been reunited with an engagement ring that spent over a year in the sewer system. The ring made its way into the depths last March after his soon-to-be stepson accidentally flushed it down the toilet. At that time, he removed the toilet and even hired someone to run a camera down the plumbing. They were able to spot the ring but were afraid they might have pushed it further down the pipes.

The man then enlisted the help of city maintenance workers who scoured the sewer system and city main line using a pipe inspection camera of their own, but even though they came up empty handed, they told the man to not give up hope.

Then last week, during a routine maintenance check, the city crew spotted the ring. After a thorough sterilization, it was returned to the owner, 14 months after it started its journey into the depths. The man posed for a picture with the Chino Hills sanitation crew, who were all clearly excited to have helped the man recover the ring.


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