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Is Jason Kelce retiring?!
That seems to be the question on everyone’s mind following the Eagles loss to Jason’s brother Travis’s Kansas City Chiefs. The brothers have a podcast called New Heights and they addressed the elephant in the room. Travis asked Jason if he’ll retire during the off-season.

  • Jason's response

    Man, I can’t answer that right. We’ll answer that soon enough, I guess. I don’t know the answer to that right now. So I can’t answer it.

  • He went on ...

    I’m gonna let the batteries recharge. I’m exhausted man. It’s a long season, mentally, physically, emotionally drained, and I’m gonna let all that kinda recover before we decide on that.

  • Jason & His Mom

    There’s no denying how close the Kelce family is. When Jason and Travis’s parents were on the podcast they were asked who would go to which son after the game. Papa Kelce said he will go to the loser first, because he’ll need to feels some love. Mama Kelce said she’d go to Travis because Jason’s family (wife & kiddos) will be with him. Maybe she expected the Eagles to win, because when the game ended, Mama Kelce went right to her first born to console him.

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